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Final Burn Legends 1.5

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Brilliant stuff, +T+. Still my favourite... well, I was about to say "emulator on xbox", but it wouldn't be far off the mark just to say "thing" ever. It's a pity we're never going to see Raiden Fighters series/tCave SH3 stuff on there, as then I'd just never need to switch the laptop on again.


Well, apart from when I need to update... that reminds me...


I'm the guy who moaned about the constantly updated rompacks we'd have to contend with, due to these Alpha updates. See, the reason I moaned is because... well, I'm an idiot. I thought the only two ways I had of updating was to either use torrents (which I'd rather avoid) or use the websites that host rompacks (which are pretty unreliable, and slow, and a pain in the arse). But then I found that emuxtras ftp site...


Yeah, so, it's not a problem now!


So anyway, we talking major changes to the FTP roms then? Any tasty additions?


Thanks again, man.

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To revisit a point I made some time ago; changes in FBL1.6 are almost entirely focused on the emulation side of things, not the UI. Basically if I start working on implementing a bunch of new UI features or options at this stage then it's just going to push an already long overdue release even further down the road. So these kind of requests are best left for 1.7.


I had no idea and completely understand, I will get back to you when it is suitable

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