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Samurai Shodown 5 (samsho5.zip/ssv.zip) News

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hei guyz/O-fear,

please help me, im stuck with the PASSWORD for the ssv_p1.rar/rom...

cant understand the details on their site because its in another language.

i downloaded it 2x but still asking for a password.


the link is from O-fear....


thanks guyz...


MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!...

nice gift for us huh... :D

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I've given up on trying to use this with NeoRageX.


I tried NeoRageX H1, and that one exits when I try to scan for roms (and I don't know where to get a zlib.dll file that will actually work).


I tried 0.8c, and that one loads it, but NeoGeo spits out a 'Bank Error' and I can't start the game.


I'm trying to get it to run on Kawaks using the emulator provided at Epic-Center. I run 'K-Loader 1.46.exe' and then scan for the roms, but samsho5.zip doesn't show up.


I downloaded all of the roms from epic-center, unrarred them and put them into a zip file. I put that.zip into the roms directory for Kawaks. It still doesn't work.


Is there a certain place I'm supposed to put the asr.dat file? Right now it's in the directory with the K-Loader.exe file.


Any help would be appreciated. =(

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Thanks, but I'm not using the emu provided by suprnova. That's Nebula. I'm trying to get the rom to work using Kawaks.


I did play the game a little last night on nebula, but it only seemed to be working on and off this morning. The loader wouldn't work sometimes. Finally I started getting 'this game is locked' errores.


I know beggars can't be choosers, but I don't really like Nebula (the interface, etc). I'd rather use NeoRageX or Kawaks. Plus since Nebula seems to have stopped working, I really don't have a choice.


edit: well i finally got it working with Kawaks. I used the old version I had sitting on my computer that I used for SvC. I copied the information for SSV to the SIT.DAT and used SitWulfLoader. It worked! <_<

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