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  1. I'm having some issues with getting the cheats to work in MAMEUI32 0.136. I place a file called cheats.zip in the same folder as the mame executable , and then in default game options I switch on "cheats". Despite this, when starting the game and hitting TAB key I can't see any 'cheat' option available. What is the problem? Step by step please. I want my cheats back!
  2. Hello all! Hopefully there isn't a similar topic/thread about this already, so I'll give it a shot. The thing is, yesterday I saw on Youtube a guy who played the Cruis'n series at full speed (60ftps), and he said/wrote that he were using Mame32 Plus! with some kind of plug-ins added to that. So I downloaded Mame Plus! and also downloaded the zinc plug-ins (the only plug-ins I know about) to give it a try. But when I go to properties and choose the 'psx plug-in' option and check the box called 'Use GPU 3D Rendering' then apply, it doesn't seem to CHECK that box. The problem is it uncheks it as soon as I have pressed the 'apply' button Why is that? In short. Can somebody here tell me how to make Cruis'n USA run at full speed? Step by step, please! As a side note. I am able to run the game at 47fps when using Fastmame 0.98, but the sound is lagging a little bit The video can be found here: My computer specs are: CPU:Dual Core 3.2Ghz Graphics Card: Ati Radeon 256 DDR2 HD: Western Digital 7200rpm 500GB (lots of space left) RAM: 3 GIG (Corsair)
  3. I tried those DAT files yesterday, but just like you, without luck Perhaps it has something to do with the part that says "GfxCrypt: 0"?
  4. Now THIS is getting exciting What did u do to make it work in Kawaks??!
  5. My DAT file looks exactly the same as your's, James...and ive been wondering for days what's wrong with this particular ROM. This is the first rom that acts so damn weird in Kawaks!
  6. Where is the link for your compiled version of Mame 32.1, James?? Please??
  7. The X-Arcade is truly amazing with Neo-Geo games!! And the MS series is NO exception
  8. I like MS5 alot!! Have played it very much..and i never seem to get tired of it
  9. Works perfect on my X-Arcade! I just entered the config menu (by pressing TAB while in the game). And from here, all i had to do was going to the "input this game" menu to configure the buttons and directions for the stick. Well...it worked for me
  10. What did u do to set the game with scanlines?? and how did u change the resolution to 640x480? Im not very familiar with compiling in DOS Mame
  11. How do i make the game work with my X-Arcade stick? i'd like to have some kind of config file that let's you setup your button config And does anyone know how to enable scanlines (i always use scanlines in all my arcade games) All help appreciated!!
  12. Got it working now also with the Mame emulator..enough proof But why can't i play it in Kawaks then, even though i have a working DAT file for it!?
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