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Samurai Shodown 5 (samsho5.zip/ssv.zip) News

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Ok, I'm not about to request it, I've spent the last 8 hours tracking it.

BUT! I do think it is floating around enough places that it should be possible for someone to get a hold of it soon.


List of evidence:

1. LOTS of dead ftp links to a samsho5.zip

2. I saw a game of 'SamSpirit0' in a kaillera channel.

3. LOTS of dead links.

4..DAT files for kawaks loader 1.46 are also floating around.


I'm going to try packetnews in a minute here. I know none of those are guarantees there could be some other really popular file named SAMSHO5.zip and kaillera games names can be easily modified, It could have been people just screwing around their dat file to mess with people.


At any rate, If I find it I WILL post it here First!

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Thank you gandalfrockman. Some good ideas is to search all of the eDonkey Servers and NewsGroups. I still have yet too, but you may find something. Just stay away from Kazaa, ususally if you see it, it's a virus. :D

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One step ahead of ya on the emule servers!!!!

And yup kaazaa/I-mesh/Etc Are pure trash I recomend anyone who has them delete them imediatley. there are much better ways to get your goods!


As far as samsho5 goes theres a collection of texture maps for some german soccer game that people were passing around labeled samshoV.zip and The REAL THING! appears to have been in some yahoo groups at some point, but is no longer there.

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ooo, samurai spirits V :D


I hope you guys find it soon :P

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This is from the Speksnk website.....

rough translation from spanish...with babel fish.. <_<




crc that appears does not correspond to any according to the ROM dates to maker nor winkawaks to romcenter ????????????????? this image passed me. who assures to have the ROM... but similarly I am not very safe, only them step the data and of passed pregúntole to wesker if it knows these CRC again... another image...




Im dying to get this rom......

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Violence Why Is K' Outfit Colour and hair clour is same as Kula's?I bet u use Photoshop...

Ummm, yes photoshop was used to make the photo but for the colours of Kula and K' those are real costume colours in 2002 <_<

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Phil any idea where I can get those zips? <_<

they may or may not be legit.

At this point its safe to say that its out there being passed around on a "I know I can trust so and so not to give it to someone else" basis.

Since the files seem to be proliferating, it obviously isnt working (never does) but it is still keeping quiet. for the time being I am now OUT of leads aside from phils post which I will try to track as far as I can! Everyone just keep looking. A number of good sites have spots set up for it just no active links yet.




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Don't know if this helps, and people looking for SamSho5.zip probably already know this so I'll post it for people who aren't looking.


Apparently the rom was dumped by some guy, "BillyJr", he also had the first SvsC Choas from what I read.


He won't publicly release it due to SNK suing him.

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