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Samurai Shodown 5 (samsho5.zip/ssv.zip) News

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any word on some fixes yet? sucks that japan region only gets the chracter intros


Yeah, only get intro in Japan region and can only get red blood running with USA or Europe regions. I want both on one region! Don't even care which region it is.

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all right. i'm running into a complete newbie problem. and i can't figure out why.


when i go to rename a bin file to change it to a rom file, it stays a bin file. i really don't know what i'm doing wrong because i thought i went through the same process to get SVC working, and it works fine. can anyone help me out?

In the my computer window..


1) Click Tools

2) Select Folder Options

3) Click on the VIEW tab

4) Uncheck Hide Extensions for known file types


There.. now try renaming the files. <_>

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hei guyz/O-fear,

please help me, im stuck with the PASSWORD for the ssv_p1.rar/rom...

cant understand the details on their site because its in another language.

i downloaded it 2x but still asking for a password.


the link is from O-fear....


thanks guyz...


MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!...

nice gift for us huh... :lol:

go to my post (link below) i added the password for the files :lol:



the best way to get working SS5 + emulator is to download it from eMule (GameCop posted it too... <_< )


Edited by O-Fear
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Hey I've got a gameplay question.


Well, I fixed buttons A, B, C, D in respective order A, S, D, F on my keybord.


Now, ok, the gameplay has changed, but, what does the F button do ?

There are the 2 slash buttons, the kick button, but the D button?


Appearently the character does a little hop, or a special action depending on the direction you press.


Is this something like a ''taunt'' button? Well, if it is, samsho is playable with only 3 buttons?

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i have samsho5 working in Mame32 78 Kawaks 1.46p Nebula 2.23c and 2.23d with the loader and also running in NeorageX you must make sure your p1 rom has this CRC 8a86c728 and the roms should look like this ssv_??.rom

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