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  1. Get it function on an upgraded xbox is not the goal, is it!? IF it does function seems good to me, but the real trial is to get it work on a simply modded xbox, not on an upgraded one. For me it seems like we need only to wait until the kawaks "p" is out. All the rest seems only a waste of time. Mameox needs the virtual memory support, until that it's just incomplete. P.S. can anyone explain me what do you do with a 128mb xbox if the games do not use this memory??? I admit my ignorance, but that's it!
  2. I really like to hear from the peaple working on it, if after all this days of testing (I suppouse) this is possible or not. Or maybe the kawax 0.11 simply can't handle it?
  3. Puchiko, what a wonderfull (big...yeah...well, really really big) eyes!
  4. Well. the only important thing of this thread and you deleted it!!! Good work! (I'm obviously joking)
  5. The link works fine for me! Thanks a lot Ciccior!
  6. tae kwon doa!!! buterfly!!! No one matter about that! We are suppouse to talk about Kof2003 rom news! PLEASE stay in topic! PLEASE post here ONLY if you have news about kof2003 rom release!
  7. And you aspect that someone give you help! You surely don't deserve it! P.S I'm stoned about James and Agozer (and others) patience! They have God's patience to answer to a lot of "answered a million times" questions! All my respect guys!
  8. It sound just stupid! Breaking in an arcade! Hahahahha!
  9. I love this games thanks to their old-style feeling. You know what I mean, don't you? I think, if kof turn 3d this feeling will be lost. Don't get me wrong, I REALLY like Tekken, Virtua Fighter, DOA, Soul Calibur and the others amazing "eye-candy" fighting games, but NeoGeo games aren't about amazing graphic and so. They are a piece of videogame's history, if kof or mslug turn 3d the feeling will never be the same. Now, this games are the last of their kind, in 3d they will be only one in a million. Hope I explained myself! Aloha!
  10. I think you need to ask this to the other forum, don't you think? In THIS forum no one talked about a patch! P.S. in this thread you can see the right CRC, so please take your time to "scan" this thread w/o bother with "answered a million times" questions! You ppl want so hard to play this games and you even have the patience to read the whole thread! Shame on you ppl!
  11. Hi guys, on the net I can't find any info about that, so I'm here to ask you if anyone knows something about Playmore future plans, and if they intend to produce some more "pure" NEOGEO games or they will only produce on the nextgen hardware in the future? Thanks! Aloha!
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