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Samurai Shodown 5 (samsho5.zip/ssv.zip) News

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How did you get it to work in Kawaks 1.46? I have the hacked version and it won't load. Asi in i pull up winkawaks and it won't show the rom. I got the rom of of E-mule

I actually didn't get it to work in the Kawaks version that was on Epic-Center. Something is wrong with their loader.


Grab the individual rom files from Epic-Center, unrar them, and put all the extracted files into one zip file. Name that file samsho5.zip.


See if you can find the version of Kawaks with the SiTWulfLoader (should be the one that comes with SvC).


Put your samsho5.zip into the roms folder.


Copy and paste the following into the SIT.DAT.



System: NEO
RomName: samsho5
Game: Samurai Shodown 5 (Epic Center Romset)






CartridgeID: 270
GfxCrypt: 0
GfxKey: 0
ButLayout: 9
Fix: 0



Now when you run SiTWulfLoader.exe, Kawaks should recognize the samsho5.zip romset.



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i got my samsho5 rom from neogeo toolz works great but all the leechers have killed the site .

no more neogeo toolz sad this is .


and it is a shame many here have no idea how to run these games . even when they told how.they still complain.

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all right. i'm running into a complete newbie problem. and i can't figure out why.


when i go to rename a bin file to change it to a rom file, it stays a bin file. i really don't know what i'm doing wrong because i thought i went through the same process to get SVC working, and it works fine. can anyone help me out?

In the my computer window..


1) Click Tools

2) Select Folder Options

3) Click on the VIEW tab

4) Uncheck Hide Extensions for known file types


There.. now try renaming the files. :huh:

hey Gamecop when do you think you will be online as i would like to upload the mame32 78 emu ???

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I managed to get the samurai showdown 5 rom including the nebula emulator...the game is neat n works fine in nebula...the thing is that i have played every game in NeorageX n m not very comfortable in playin it in nebula. :)

Every file inside the rom has an.bin extension while those of neoragex has.rom extension. is there anything i need to know so tht i can play the downloaded.bin files in my NeorageX ? :)..new here..sm1 plz help me out..tx in advance.



Desperate times...Desperate measures
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