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The Ressurection has begun....

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Hey illtww,



Bummer about the spreadsheets, huh? Fortunately, after the whole UG debacle, I had the forethought to at least back all of those spreadsheets back towards the end of May. I was thrilled to see that all of the color/font settings were preserved as well. I got them out to a few of the team members 2 or 3 weeks ago. I'm hoping that somebody uploads them to a different site that supports docs (waal found one, but it's a matter of getting somebody to do it). In the mean time, I hope that the people who have these now make them readily available for download for everyone who wants them. Until we get them up on another site that supports online documents though, any changes people make will not be in sync, so that's the real bummer about not having them on google anymore.


Right now, I'm pretty much unable to do anything since recent storms killed some of my connectivity issues and make it hard for me to do anything much but post here and there in the threads. (I guess it's like God's way of agreeing with me that it's time for me to move on, lol) Thankfully, the data is safe and backed up and in many different locations now, so it should never be lost, even if the torrents die and people who are involved today aren't around tomorrow.


Here's hoping that when upping these to the new docs site that the colors and font settings will be imported as well. The color coding really was amazing for the compatibility lists and it would be a lot harder to use these lists going forward if they were uploaded entirely in B&W without the font settings.








To eparsox....


Try deleting your save file for the Castlevania game and playing it again. There was a change made to the emulator to specifically address some music issues with this game. If you had a previous save of the game, there may be some residual conflicts that would be eliminated if you just delete the save and start again. At the time of release, this game worked flawlessly for myself and the people I was working with.



To mirsad...


Hope you finally found them. We have a CoinOPS R5 & FBL 1.3 set out there at the same place where the rest of it is hosted. This eliminates all of the crap videos (non-working games, dupes, and blank vids), and also is set up in a way that there are no duplicated roms or videos where they are not needed. BP would like me to mention that he doesn't endorse this set, and I'm fine with that. He's babbled from time to time that my sets are no good, but all of the games work that I've ever played and I've never heard any complaints from others using them. I'm sure it's missing games that have been made to work since, and it's probably missing games that I couldn't get to work because of memory errors, but I couldn't get any help getting those games working on my setup from anybody here in the timeframe I had to work on them, so I just cropped them out and moved on. I'm an old-school gamer anyways, so any game that didn't work because of memory constraints was way after my time in the arcades anyhow.







To everyone else, how are they working out for ya? It's been a few months since release and I've seen some youtube vids and other mentions of the Xtras out there. Pretty, pretty cool..... :P

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just saying from my side I know of at least 100 little minor issues with this build....as I gave rx the dats for it and he used an older build I know of the issues....nothing to major I just wouldnt let it go...alot of small stuff and its all about the attention to detail...id guess it even has alot of games cats as Added Game but that a guess and would just be alot more stuff that I wouldnt live with...anyways ive had people report the issues to me and I know of alot...I dont discuss them as its after the event but there are 100s of games and 100s of things that wouldnt meet my showcase level to adding them and are simply placed in....


But grab what you want....from my experience I know where id head plus of course it misses alot of the bigger games that where most requested....as well that where added later on...or rx couldnt work out.



Anyways ill stay out, as reported its ok but dont want my name to it, as I know of alot of stuff that I wouldnt have let though my process that others have no issues to, its just attention to details.....Good luck ive got my own stuff to move on with and the new stuff requires alot of work to bring all to showroom level :P

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Yep.... like I said, your build is more advanced, and was even about 5 versions more advanced by the time I came out with the pack that I'm using. Any games I've tried work well enough for me, and at the very least this collection is a great start for somebody who has nothing. I was basically on my own the entire time I did this, with the exception of a few outside sources that helped me out. There's over 1,600 working MAME games in my collection, with quite a few that overlap FBL and then FBL has some that don't work with MAME, (or at least I couldn't get them to work on MAME without any help) so it's all good. Besides, most if not all the games I didn't include because I couldn't get them to work are way past the time I went to the arcade, so I'm not missing anything. There's probably 1,500 games that I'll never play in this collection as it is, so I'm perfectly happy with it.

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Just so people here know, there is an Amiga Xtras starter pack that has been released at the other XBox site. I was not affilliated with this project at all, but from what I hear there are over 300 unique games put in special files that were all tested and do not require swapping of any disks. From what I hear, every game has artwork and videos, and all games are configured to work well with your XBox controllers right after FTPing them. Thanks to Waal and everyone else who has been working on this for months now.



Currently, Guybird, Madmab and I are also working on a similar project for DOSBox.


I'm still in retirement... I'm not pulling a Farve. :)


Just got a little free time on my hands is all.



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