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  1. seriously...you are a troll. since you kick started the insults though, your mum really got a solid ass pounding last night from me, and the football team that fucked her as well. what a cum slut she is. she couldn't get enough of the snowballing, dirty little bitch., swallowing all that cum, almost drowned in the shit. you might want her to clean the sheets tonight before you eat her out you moron fuck. 6196 posts and you come out with posts like the above, what a fucking role model for forums, loser.
  2. comments like this show why this place is the arsehole of the emu scene nowadays Comments that you rarely make? The reason this place is the arsehole of the emulation scene (Which i dont think it ) as you put it is because you are probably an xbox forum poster, we all know 80% of the guys in there are trolls with bed wetting problems. Most of the original posters here when it was rocking have since moved on with their lifes, got jobs, and approached different things and are simply not finding time to post here anymore. One of the reason you are looking at this place modernised is because the old school and some of the new school pulled together and got the boss back in to sort stuff out. So your arsehole post has about as much weight behind it as your own sphincter. We wanted total change with minimum emulation content. So that boils down to if im offended by butt munches posting "for sale signs" on the forum without partaking in the community? YES. Get off my front garden with your dumb ass for sale sign. You're THE assholes, the xbox community is a bunch of teenage spot riddled jerk it to manga reprobates, and you piss and whine when some one tries to sell something? Waaaaa! Waaaaaa! My 5 post count is sucking!!!! Some of the crap that goes down in the xbox section is the single most pathetic load of turd I have ever seen on a forum, you wanna know what brought 1emu down? it was that, along with the old school posters moving on in life. So get your facts straight before you pull out a reason from your bunghole. No body cares. i remember out of boredom I posted on the xbox section precisely 3 minutes later I had about 10 PMs sent to my inbox "Ommmggg!!! I WILL report UuuUuUu!!" "It was HIS FAULT!!!!!" "It was HER FAULT!!!" Is this the mentality of that place - uh dont answer that. Im sure a small percentage can be ok people with PERSONALITY. But the rest... Its like walking in to a bar and 12 teenagers hide behind a cloak and repel the sunlight of the door and all hiss!!!! I am looking at a generation of facebook/Nhoobs/ and man it makes me puke a nut. Besides if this generation is the best it has to offer who cant even make its self an avatar or apply a signature, or communicate in the general chat... Advertise else place you jerk offs. If you want to advertise, Earn it. this post only confirms what i said
  3. comments like this show why this place is the arsehole of the emu scene nowadays
  4. to hit 100,000 views, (not that anyone cares about views-except 1 person, lol) just keep clicking the thread title over & over, it registers the views without having to actually see the thread. Isn't that funny..easy high view count!
  5. I'll excuse you because you are a noob, but it is against rules to ask for roms. Just letting you know. this confuses me somewhat, other members on this forum post links to rom dumps, rom links with no warning.?
  6. 7 votes for yes 0 votes for no lol. people have had enough of all the rubbish.
  7. its hard not to laugh about this forum really. maybe thats why its called 1emu, one opinion only, if you dont agree watch out!!!!! had to laugh about the latest comments in the locked thread. really pathetic..
  8. no, only if you dont agree with bp's (error 404..lol) "vision", opinion, thoughts etc
  9. heard all this before. the attention seeker needs your posts to keep his "views" high remember!!! give it time...
  10. nice bit of info, but why is it in the xbox section if it doesnt play on xbox?
  11. I am not suprised the thread was closed, it seems only 1 person on this forum is allowed to say whatever they want, we all know who that is! Biased admin again, what a joke.
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