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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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OK using FBL core I got all of these matched so they operate in CoinOPS core mode / FBA Core mode.......so the switch is 100 percent bug free and you can use cheats etc with CoinOPS core and all other xtras or use FBA core for speed



















that would be handy if FBL core could go in as I cant get FBA core games to all go in CoinOPS core as well ... so I may as well remove the setting to disable running CPS2 in Final Burn core and just have it though xml if this is the case

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Have you spoken to nes6502 about using the FBL core? I understand it's open source but if he doesn't want his code included in CoinOPS then you shouldn't use it. Many others would agree I'm sure, and not for the sake of causing trouble as you may think but out of respect for a developer who is still an active part of the community.

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for sure ill use FBA one if thats the case :D to me they play the same its just diff dats thats all


both run pretty much the same apart from dat wise


Question :: nes6502 will you allow basic core launching of FBL? if not I will use FBA and supply info on the dats for these? its up to you really

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You are right, 1080p support is not imortant, it is the same thans 720p for these old games :D

It is not better for our eyes ...


For Final Burn, i prefer FBA and with all your stuff ... i prefer use FBL roms with FBL :(

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Just wondering if there will ever be a fix for brapboys in the new versions of coinops. I have tried using different roms and even other boxes to try and get this game to work. I have asked others and the same thing is happening. After the first boss is defeated the sprites mess up and all you see is the background. Completely unplayable. Any help would be appreciated as this is one of my favorite beat em ups. Thanks.


Btw, Keep up the great work on my favorite EMU for Xbox.

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Yes, but really buggy with some games ...

It is very bad because save when we play a game is very important ... to not restar it every day when we play with our childrens ...


If BP can one day work on this feature to improve it, it will be the best :P

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