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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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ok next build will have alot of folders paths though gui for all console and hanhelds


Excellent !

I was thinking about it becoming necessary due to so many systems being added.

a folder per system would be great.

(and similar folder functions for the screenshots, movies and such)


Keep up the good work.

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right now all cores are locked to CoinOPS/roms or else they wont work :P so more folders wont work as they are locked ill look at a better solution sometime...


I need some help with midway stuff hint hint and also with FBA CPS2 stuff...I dont know about these apart from CoinOPS and they way they work.. if you want to help out it will take me not to long to sort these things out for non CPU speed up xboxs



I need to know what people think about new sort methods and if they want..... some different ones??

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do people want a option to


CPS2 / NeoGeo MAME or CPS2 / NeoGeo Final Burn Alpha switch ??? or just what they set it up as in the rom status .ini???


Hyper Street Fighter 2: The Anniversary Edition added in Final Burn Alpha core


games I configured by default to run in both cores for my build....all neogeo/cps2 can be setup to run this way....




















these require tweaked roms to run as the dats are diff for FBA...did I miss any that dont run well or are there to many that run ok?

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OK for the FBA core


I have done it in both....FBL and FBA it supports autoscreen resizing for SD/720p swapping and screensizing and thats all (no keymaping no filter changing etc...same as other cores just basic run and sizing stuff to allow launching in CoinOPS)


Who wants to use FBL roms? and who wants to use FBA roms? also will the Nes the developer of FBL allow you to use the same roms??? so one can run both emulators with one rom set or does he want FBA roms to be used????


The features are in and both cores are in BETA ive had source talks from s dev and had forum allowing sources to be used from xport and actually wanting this stuff....but need your opion on what to run and also NES if will allow limited core launching from FBL


So what rom set best suits you guys? FBL 1.3 or FBA 1.28?

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