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  1. Hey, Links are down!! I'd like to give it a go.. THX
  2. Thanks. ^ that should work with the green background, but here's the PSD if you want to adjust it.. The thing at the top is supposed to be speech bubble with Xbox contours inside of it. I hope it is obvious enough to see?
  3. Whats in that PSD? I tried to download it, but it gives some kinda permission error.. Now when I think of it, I've never been able to download any attached file in this forum, why is that? Hello Frank... thank you for notifying me of this. Seems like there were quite a few permissions that needed to be fixed. Please try downloading the file again and let me know if it works now. P.S. You should upload an avatar for your profile! No more permission errors.. Thanks! Even though I don't frequently use this forum, I decided to waste an hour on to it.. So here's my attempt: (colors can be easily changed) And some alternate slogans:
  4. Whats in that PSD? I tried to download it, but it gives some kinda permission error.. Now when I think of it, I've never been able to download any attached file in this forum, why is that?
  5. That's great garcimak, now we have proof of concept to the rest of the world out there! So it works great if you launch the normal xbe? Interesting.. What happens if you launch vc3_t.xbe? Real Chihi only have 700mhz according to Wikipedia, so I'm pretty optimistic it is possible to run this without the 1.4ghz CPU as well.. Just curious, did you 1400mhz patched the game before using it?
  6. Yeah interesting findings Garcimak. Keep us updated, now we know a lot more than couple of days ago..
  7. Garcimak, if you can make short clip of VC3 it would be great. Maybe the slowdown exists only in Normal and Hard missions.. Can you try all 3 of em? Currently only game which seem to work is Virtua Cop 3 (headline is really misleading )
  8. Low FPS makes perfectly sense if we actually need 256mb or more (which isn't possible) We need more input from 128mb users!! How's the speed?
  9. Really? If that's true then what a letdown.. Can we have more comments from 128mb users concerning the speed?
  10. Crazy Taxi 3 GDX-0002 isn't working in 64mb Xbox, as stated in the root670's dox. I can also confirm this.. Use the Xbox version instead. Only game which is currently verified to work at all is Virtua Cop 3 GDX-0003A (by garcimak) http://www.assemblergames.com/forums/showt...4195#post524195 That's the thread were the real progress is being made
  11. Jotenkin tuntuu että Xbox scene on herännyt uudestaan henkiin tänä vuonna ja uusia naamoja tulee mukaan. On myös hienoa huomata että ihmiset käyttää juuri Xboxia heidän emulointitarpeisiin maailmanlaajuisesti.. Turku, Suomi It seems to me that this year Xbox scene is running stronger than a long time and new people are getting involved all the time, also it's great to see that people still use Xbox for their emulation needs worldwide.. Turku, Finland
  12. BP as I've said before, I'd like to see more gfx and less CoinOPS from you.. Summary: Drop CoinOPS and continue as a skinner
  13. Awesome. Do you think at some point you could take a look at the following 'bug': Let's imagine that the emu user is browsing Super Mario Brothers load state slots. User decides to load Slot 1, and presses A when it's highlighted. The emulator load that state without problems but after that Mario instantly jumps if you know what i mean.. That A key pressing somehow registers to the game too. This happens on all games and sometimes it's a little frustrating if you have saved at the critical spot.. :/
  14. Sounds great.. Does that mean the all the graphical glitches are gone? (eg. level 2 was pretty unplayable because of gfx errors iirc..)
  15. Gonna release it right after you fix your avatar Just kidding.. Should be out sooner than later. It's just finding a motivation to add a finishing touch and then pack all the files together i quess..
  16. I was answering to ace9094, but thanks for doing your own part BP LOL I bet for beginners it's easier to use capture device with 1 click record than setting up a debug Xbox and then capture.. ace9094: If you only want to capture SD quality (GTA doesn't do HD) perhaps this is what you're searching: http://www.dealextreme.com/p/easycap-usb-v...re-adapter-5707
  17. 3rd solution is to use internal or external video capture device like Hauppauge HD PVR It encodes captured footage to H.264/AAC on the fly and theres no messing with thumbsticks..
  18. Very nice. I'd say go with the dog and tyrant as default settings screen.. Always liked your glassy stylish borders, you have to reveal the method someday lol
  19. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/13714262/nestopiaxsplash.png http://dl.dropbox.com/u/13714262/zapper.png Coming soon..
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