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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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frank .... why not use your other name lol


I dont want different lists like FBA had as from what i saw from newbes they nevr found the other games.....I saw that happen alot and by many people....so right now you can sort it by diff systems...different system types and use left/right to fast jump to next or previous...ill leave it there I think

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the front end xbe is stripped out and the mame is seperate xbe and so each core xbe...you could just add console games only


also is the flamers come in ill include the missing disconinued nes code :( and they can conplain all they like .... but ill give them the credit for making this happen as they now have there own credit anyways

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You should make a front end separate from CoinOPS that plays the Home Consoles. Arcade games and home console games are not really in the same league, and are definitely not Coin Operated :) It would be cool to see the CoinOPS Rom Browser remain, but the MAME guts taken out, and replaced with the home consoles..... just seems like it will be a hassle to browse through thousands upon thousands of games in one place.

Would agree with this. As an arcade emulator CoinOPS is becoming quite interesting particularly if Midway and KI cores are added. But the home console stuff just seems out of place since home and arcade are two totally different things. Having everything in one list is surely going to just look like a big mess to anyone who knows the difference. Still looking forward to trying any arcade updates in the new build though.


Sort by emu dev: XPort, nes6502, Lantus.... :(

That made me lol. :)

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there's gonna be a gui update right?


with the amount of consoles this is gonna support your gonna need different lists.


multiple folders directories?


no updated mame core correct?


the midway and ki thing would be awesome!!


i think i would only use this for arcade as i am happy with nes and xports emu's.


time to rename this as there are a ton of coinops ignite versions out there.


start the "coinops combustion v1.0" name.

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it would be great to have "tabs" at the top of the screen for each system. then when a tab is selected, it only shows a list of the games for that system instead of a huge list of everything. there could be an "All Games" tab as well. i think this would really help to clear up sorting games and finding games you want. controls would be simple. d-pad left and right select tabs, d-pad up and down scroll games, as well as ltrigger and rtrigger for fast scrolling.

let me know what you think, or if anybody else would like this.

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cps3 stuff has been in for ages....just not explained due to idots.....as ive done it all for people...and its running on mine...

tabs will never happen my side....

New sort methods now...


Sort by System

Arcade / Consoles / Handhelds




Sort by Console

Arcade / Super Nintendo / Mega Drive / PC Engine / NES / Master System / Handelds


New gui and name which isnt know yet will happen after R7.....from then on its a day as it will run most popular games and id say it wont even be called CoinOPS for more than a few months :(

in 1 - 2 weeks ill be working on a new Branding / GUI and this stuff will be patchs.... if you get INSERT NEW NAME HERE ill know you can run all the stuff without asking for R?. Also if I get left alone ill give you a new Showcase :)

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Sort by emu dev: XPort, nes6502, Lantus there no stuff from nes6502 or Lantus that I know about ... just xport stuff and its filling my needs perfectly....


this is not for full rom supports...but it will support all the games pretty much....but I wanted stuff like Final Fight 3 SNES in coinops...and Bubble Booble 3 PCengine in CoinOPS now I can add the arcdy games on all the top systems to showcase in seconds....im not planning it being an emulator for the collectors....just for people that want some fav arcady games to run from one GUI and not be limited to just mame....and its done and I personally love it and so do people that use it.... im noticing less and less that they use other EMUs they just put there fav roms into CoinOPS...even though most have full sets in the actually xport emus with all the features

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