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  1. What about SF The movie? Groove on fight? Astra superstars? yeah I know I'm dreaming but love obscure almost forgotten fighters and this one qualifies Kaiser knuckle will be cool as well
  2. Thank you guys, your work is awesome!!! keep it up this by far one of the greatest things in xbox ever your efforts are very apreciated
  3. Asura Blade gets very slow or frameskip a lot sometimes, and the mirror match the enemy is not visible
  4. Man never cease to amaze me the ability of BP to make fake accounts and for start flamings, if I remember correct the agreement here in 1emulation was to avoid talking about BP or his Coinops right? this is getting old guys same useless fights and arguments, always the same, contribute don't fight, because of that this place is almost dead, luckily there are other places where the scene goes on rolling without all this crap and people make contributions, how sad even the same questions remains (right ace? "do you own the game?") sorry to see +T+ involved in this discussion, man you're much more than this bullsh.... you have your work to speak for yourself don't get involved with this sort of things and all of you guys think about if all this flamings are worth a thing or just a waste of sapce and time. Cheers to all, no offense mean for anyone, just a friendly piece of advice.
  5. Well time to put my DC out from the storage, I just hope don't get the "I need to replay every game I own until I faint" syndrome again, two months ago I bought a new sealed DC (here in mexico city are very cheap and you can find even new ones around 25-50 US dollars) then I played all my discs until I can't move my fingers anymore or stay awake The DC is a great console with very memorable games, even the crappy ones can be fun if you give it a shot (example: Zombie revenge) man I really going to need self control to stay away from Skies of arcadia and Space channel 5 until my vacation. P.S. Thanks for the info Fu, but thanks to you now I'm thinking about DC!!! Man I'm so sick that even want to play EGG, Illbleed and Seventh Cross Evolution again damn I hope not to come to want to play Seaman!!!!
  6. +T+ thanks for keeping alive this project!!!! can't wait for 1.6 keep up your outstanding job dude!!! hopefully I will be able to play all this my games in my vacations (first ones in year, maybe in november ) and finish and upload some more pcecd fixes for the new mendafenx-pcecd
  7. HAHA and I have the feeling we've already lived this moment before, maybe just a deja vu... Glad to be back in town, cheers guys!!!
  8. Well just in case, I have brought my liquid soap to avoid "accidents" picking from the floor something more solid I recomend you do the same...
  10. iq_32 Dear sir YOU GOT ME HYPED!!!!! Thanks for all your hard work, I'm now very excited about SF the movie and Kaiser Knuckle, yes about Astra Superstars I was just checking to confirm that is not going to happen (well after the recent updates we came to see lately, one never knows) sorry if we bother you with our petty requests and thank you so much for reading all of them, if you add those games to any update you'll be my god, in the other hand, if you don't.....well you still are one of my emulation gods anyway!!!! thank you so much for all your job guys awesome update you did
  11. Ok thanks for the answer I'll keep my fingers crossed
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