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can setup another folder in advanced settings others can be setup in the save mameox.ini.....ill add more but why would one want more than 8000 games :lol: I guess for collectors (you can actually setup 4 folders in the ini that could give you all 14000 games)

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I could add that parent rom stuff in seconds but its not a good idea....as alot of roms the clones only play....showcase they are filtered for you


no dats...that will only come in new name version....but all names of all console/handhelds are found in the emulator as - Super Nintendo Games.txt....etc

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Yes, you have not include new DAT file :(

I know you have many and many work to do ... but if you can give us them ... it where the best :lol:

One DAT for all arcade games, and one for console games ...

Like that, we can choose to use final burn just for arcade games or not :spam:


EDIT : I read your message, and i see it, you are real, there are TXT xith list of games ... just think for the future that DAT are easyer to use and to make two files if possible :rvd:


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