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when I have votes its means ive allready done both ;) to at least a demo stage....people that have seen my votes know this... its more what you want me to put in the public build...


my build is vastly diff from your build like my xbmc....cut files are for suckers in xbmc, why cant xbmc just find zips and pngs and xmv and add them? is it that hard to do.....normal xbmc doesnt support xmv even and xbmc doesnt go back to the same place in the list...these are all easy to edit...but the team has reasons for not adding these as it is a true open source platform and xmv can never go in....

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and yes i want to know or yes ill just decide what is easiest to release in have for the public....it actually looks like A which is a shame cause the current skin engine is pretty easy to reskin its just people dont understand alpha channels....or old school photoshop 1 stuff...people now dont understand graphic desing very well by looks...old school wise


in less than a week ill give some more solid examples....I just need to redesign for sd and hd and think about public design a little diff...really think with B everything will be locked down but will look like a modern xbmc skin...option A will be easier for you guys to skin but simlar to what is availble now....option C will take months as it will require to completely different sets of art files...and option C will play movies music pictures has a file manager etc as it is a heavly refined and speed up xbmc



I will show you glimes of my build again soon ;) which people would have seen a year ago.......

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95 percent though arcades 100 percent though console...testing in hd and sd across 1800 games to showcase level ...... and no worries hf


Oh my god, its like being a kid again waiting for xmas.... I really cany wait for the showcase show stopper....


I it will be awesome....


you guys put in so much effort.... thanks again

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ok testing is all good....I found alot of issues with all old dats...



so 100 percent tested Arcades and Console games now.... ill fix the issues with the dats in the next day or so and fix the broken vm on games...


screensaver thing is about 1minute patch


added in support for comandline launching and HD for old mame with better midway


So now I will soon have an upto dat match list with 100 percent perfewct build again...its been a while since I had that...it was the intial reignite that had an end to end test in sd and hd

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