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  1. hey! great i was watting for loooong time! can you please sent me the link? thanx so just overwrite pcsxbox v21 with the files from this release. thanks go to nekotl for this and thanks to bigby for hooking me up with this new release. i have uploaded this release to the ususal sites i upload to if you want it or just pm(private message) me if you want a link.
  2. send me a pv please for the newest release & what about brap boyz? still unplayable? thanx
  3. The NBA games already runs well but w/no sound
  4. Dj boy now playeble?????!!!! (cry) please sendme a PM please YOU ARE THE MANNNN!!! please you are on line now oh i see now i read it al eheheh still not out on the wild , oke please PM me when this get finishe, only dj boy & b rap boys still to get for complete my personal collection, GREAT JOB IQ/BP...really great job
  5. ....maybe....mame djboy ???? or brap boyz '????' sorry being asking for those two, its just that i dont really like the megadrive version. in any case thanx bub'
  6. Hello, what do you expect to put on coinops r6 ? any new driver/playable new roms ? thanx man your work is simply GREAT! im sure we all apreciate it
  7. ! can it be used w/ a modchip xbox? i was trying xlink kai but it never conects! so i'm thinking on try this. if it works....I CHALLENGE YOU! XD
  8. hello can i get the coinops r5 download link too? thanx
  9. i wanna try it ( coniops r4 )
  10. don't worry just go ahead and format it, that will set up the cd stuff, you only need to do it once, then all cd games should work. thans man it did run well :D
  11. thanx so much ahahaha it did run well ahahahahahah i was just afraid of xd....thatnx to both of you:p
  12. playable dj boy & b rap boyz....... keep up the great work
  13. Now that you all mention...in the sega genesis emulator for xbox ( i have v21 ), when you try to play sonic cd, apears a screen that reads " initialize memory card or format memory card " stuff...so my question is..... what do i have to do to play tis rom?:s...cause w/about if i format....then would the entire hard disk will be formated?! :s just a question
  14. ....:s i just did and it didnt i download it from romnation.net......do you have another link bro? thax Sent pm to U. thanx for the pm buddy:d i managed to fix the problem w/ moonwalker rom: the thing was that the rom had a diferent name than the .cfg file. so, what i did was just to rename the rom file ( it was mwalk.zip ) exact as the same name as the .cfg file ( wich was moonwlkb.cfg ), so the rom stays now as moonwlkb.zip & that works. thanx a lot man;)
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