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  1. I don't get it. Is this a warez site, or not? People openly asking for PMs, providing links, etc... Hey I'm all for a revision of the current ridiculous copyright laws, but the only matter of contention is how long a product is protected under the laws. The reasons they exist is perfectly valid, but 75+ years is just asinine. If you can at least admit that this is a warez site, I'd actually understand some of the members behavior. On the other hand there are sites that have the decency to not allow "current" games to be shared. People who torrent, or otherwise download, current music - current movies - PS3 - Xbox360 - Wii - NDS - or 3DS games are obviously douche-bags of the lowest character. Just remember that those NES games you picked up from Ebay, or a local yard-sale, were manufactured and sold over 20 years ago. This game is being sold now with the price of manufacturing, and distributing a cartridge. In case you're (anybody) some dumb teenager who doesn't remember, the reason games made the switch from cartridge to discs was one of manufacturing costs coupled with memory size limits. Remember the runner up in the N64 vs PSX battle? It was decided by Nintendo's adherence to the cartridge. Sony won.
  2. resident evil 1.5 for PSX but i doubt that will see light of day ps nice find fu really appreciate the hook up Never say never.
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