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  1. Hello, thanks for the release. I was wondering if there was a way to download all the unreleased games you've ever posted up on this website. Could you do a megaupload?
  2. Does anyone know why the sound, particurally the annnouncer not in sync with the game. The announcer says names of players that aren't even playing in the current game and there is also other strange mistakes. I think that the newer versions of pcsxbox are the best way to play Nba Jam.
  3. Fumanchu your unable to receive messages, not sure what the issue is, it says your unable to receive any new pm's. Hope you can fix this cause i need your help.
  4. fumanchu, your pm's are full, delete some so i can send you a message.
  5. I have several mame emulators and my game collections are split over a bunch of dvds, i want to launch the games from the roms folder on the dvd drive using hardrive installed emulators. What is the correct path to use. D:\ roms loads roms that are in the roms directory within the the hardrive emulator, what is the correct path off the dvd?
  6. I have, but I was hoping to get this version working well, thankyou.
  7. I've read that it is possible to play PSX games through XDSL (linux). I've never tried it because the setup to do so seems kind of cumbersome. I was wondering if something could be made similar to the Mugen Loader on xbox, in which XDSL and Espsxe linux, could be installed with preconfigured settings. I may be way off base, but I think it would be rather cool if such a loader could be made to load Psx games that don't emulate well Pcsxbox. Any input would be appreciated.
  8. Being older, i'm a big retro gamer. One of my favorite games was the NBA Jam series. IMO on of the best arcade ports of this game is the PSX NBA Jam TE. Unfortunetly, this game suffers from horribler cdda static sound on Pcsxbox. The only solution, that i know of, is to disable CDDA, which take 50% takes away from the game because the atomosphere is lost without all the sounds. Does anyone have an Idea on a solution for this, maybe a certain version of Pcsxbox would play this well or some sort of tweaks to fix the audio bug? Thanks for your help
  9. Hope to see the mods for the thug games in the series soon. Has anyone ever tried to interchange levels on these games. I might try but I don't think it would be as easy as swapping level files. I'd think it would be somewhat possible because I doubt the file/level structure has changed much between some of the games in this series.
  10. How hard is it to Jtag an xbox360, I still have a jtaggable xbox360 sitting around, but I don't think I have the solder skills to do it myself, and i don't feel like paying an absurd amount for someone else to do it.
  11. i wish they had a realism slider in tony hawk, sadly the game changed for the worst over the years imo.
  12. I like to have a portable/backup collection of emulators and roms, it's cool and convinant. You never know when a hardrive will go bad. I also have a couple friends with xbox's and it's fun to bring over your custom made collection of emulators and favorite games.
  13. I have tried dual layer dvd's on my xbox, but it is unable to read them, has anyone had success making a dual layer? If so, what disc type, and brand, and drive on your xbox.
  14. Is there a version of coinops that allows all emulators to work off dvd, i'd love to see that, i guess it's a request. Last time I tried the only emulator that loaded off the dvd was the main arcade emulator, snes, genesis, etc... froze.
  15. Prays for the day of full speed need for speed:) Good news!
  16. I don't care, I just appreciated his updates. Why does it really matter what the numbering system is? Whether it's .1, .01, .001, they are all numerical changes to keep the bug fixes and updates in order.
  17. Yes, very disappointing, the toad models look noting like they should and the rest of the graphics look pretty bad. I was excited when i read the topic but disappointed in when i saw it.
  18. Several Years ago there was a group of individuals who made a collection of custom songs that could be inserted into Karaoke revolution for the xbox. Sadly, time kills off things, the forums are gone and the custom collections are gone with it. I was wondering if anyone else has custom songs or anything else related. Another cool game for xbox was Stepmania, I was wondering if anyone has custom collections for this game as well? Thanks
  19. I love mods, that's what makes the xbox cool, i wish we'd see more mods. Stepmania, Grand Theft Auto, Morrowind, there are alot of cool mods out there. Share any mods you have!
  20. It doesn't matter whether or not you've been beaten to it. There are alternatives to everything, why not make your version do the same. Loading off dvd is nice because of the ability to have a portable coinops that emulates more than just arcade in one package.
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