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ok testing is all good....I found alot of issues with all old dats...



so 100 percent tested Arcades and Console games now.... ill fix the issues with the dats in the next day or so and fix the broken vm on games...


screensaver thing is about 1minute patch



fixed run and gun

added in support for comandline launching and HD for old mame with better midway


So now I will soon have an upto dat match list with 100 percent perfewct build again...its been a while since I had that...it was the intial reignite that had an end to end test in sd and hd

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got arcade mode and 2 player alternating yet?


was done year ago no testing ... get madmab to turn it on and fix any issues... as said before you had your time...and failed...then rehad your time and failed on your part....then rehad your time and failed on your part....now I look at your stuff and just reliase you really have only basic clues on how this works and play to your own rules so ill let you learn by yourself...ill give you a clue your wrong in alot of places...but ill leave it at that...good luck with what you do......I dont want any part of it ...I cant be bothered as im really not interested


all I see from your stuff is a bunch of screenshots and videos. I have those....and have done for a year as you know

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looking at optomising the games list a bit...fixing all the broken dats that have broken since CoinOPS reingite R1.... and tiding up things over the next day or to....then ill have a personally synced list of all the games test in SD and HD and match for everything else inclding stuff that needs source matching....

the testing is over now its just bug fixing of which there is a bit...and optomising of the lists....also adding some old school games from top 100 video games list and fixing sample and some other things that need doing on them.

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looking at optomising the games list a bit...fixing all the broken dats that have broken since CoinOPS reingite R1....

Does this mean there will be complete and accurate DATs for all supported games in the next release?

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So you don't have arcade mode or 2 player alternating yet? I thought it was like a 10 minute fix?

Sometimes you got to play devils advocate on Britney, Rx just make fun of him and say he cant do it and that its a dumb feature and he'll most likely put it in there out of spite... :P

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lol about dats its just if I can be arsed compiling the pc build...anyone can do it if they want...but I hope a dat release will happen its been on the to do list for a while


RX XBOX its nice to see I go away from your guys threads they die as usual and you guys come in....and you still dont understand...untill you understand im not talking to a brick wall, its not my place to understand you...and its rude to persume I should understand you.... put it in yourself I dont have the skills


lots of fixes etc are in there just not 100percent so they are remarked out as I dont add something publically till its done right....example of this is my xmv support has these features


can play parent roms xmv if the clones xmv isnt there

xmv size can be set for horizontal and vertical seperatly

vertical previews of xmv can be stretched to same as horizontal size though settings

xmvs can be disabled

you can turn on/off dpad disabling of xmv while scrolling if you want it super fast or to have a slight show of the xmv and slow the dpad scroll down...triggers allways disable and fast scroll

can play xmv audio only

can play background music only

can play background music and xmv audio

can play xmv audio if there is some if not play background music....


If you think this was by accident think again....if you wonder why no one asks for stuff then I suggest it was cause it was put in right from day one.....So now I dont see the same questions I see elsewhere as that stuff was in from day one.... so done right or not done at all is what I think

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