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  1. i think we have ALL voted several times about midway stuff but nothing has popped up features keep getting pushed back so you can only understand why people are just waiting
  2. Didnt you hear about this upcoming release ? Available in few weeks on Xbla, PSN.......800 microsoft points wow i did not know that
  3. he may have added the midway core but ULTMKIII still only plays perfect with out sound and most of us dont have 200 or 300 dollars to drop on a modded updated mobo
  4. i agree however think of it PERFECT fps and PERFECT REAL arcade feel and sound oooh man im going to be busting ALL of my friends up this summer for sure release is soon from what i hear this mame will also support 4000+ more games man i can only think of ALL the arcade perfect games that coinops and the xbox 1 can not handle!
  5. Lantus is GOD! updated mame ported to xbox 360 i no longer have to keep BEGGING BP for this....
  6. as wel as a perfectly running ultimate mk3 aswell ^^ i am hoping BP can acctually pull it off this time
  7. well can i buy the BETA from you? all i want is to play ALL MK games perfectly just the beta and mk games is all i ever wanted
  8. "The list goes on and on.......you name it, its probably got it" ALL midway games 100% speed with 100% sound??
  9. **** CoinOPS EPIC R10 (Standalone Release) ******** RELEASED massive midway driver update???
  10. "Bug fixes for some arcade games" fixed miday ultimate mortal kombat 3 ???
  11. again i HATE to keep bringing this up but will the BIG midway fix be in the next release?
  12. when will the next EPIC build be released i can not wait to play ultimate mk III with PERFECT emulation
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