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warning I maybe changing the way all artwork is done....it really depends on the look I want....this will be the best time to do this stuff if its needed to happen....also maybe foldering naming etc....when I look into this it will be a question


Should I kill the old ways to make way for new ways

or should I leave in backward compatibility and limit myself???? hard decision time soon


this has nothing to do with drivers and purely visual looks....right now the way things are done is very limited in all emulators...only xbmc can do stuff...to do this easily I may mod the arwork instead of the sources in places...photoshop batching can work better than source changes


eg hyperspin would mean every title will have to be a png with transpaency....this will kill all other artwork as they will look really bad....



How much do people want to keep there support files intact?

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Rebuilding an newer artwork collection shouldn't be a problem for most people especially if they share the results.

Full packs will soon come together with collective effort.

Backwards compatibility is ok but its really a luxury and tends to make people lazy.

Sizes and formats need to be discussed in order that everyone can be reading from the same page, so to speak.

Im all for a new GUI, you know that.

If a XBMC engine is to be used then there are lots of great "view" mods to choose from.

Look forward to seeing what you come up with.

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XBMC option is voted out....


so ill come out with some mixs up soonish....must finish testing.....first then ill look at whats needed


also ive never seen a decent pack of stuff come out for mame....baed was horibly floored and at best people just put screens videos and roms together this is only half the work really that needs doing to get a proper collection together

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I think that compatibility where a good option to choose in the option menu for people who have already lost many time to do some stuff ... :D

What do you change in the use or name of the stuff who will not be compatible ?

I'm not really understand ... because a video preview or a screenshot must always have the same name of the rom ... or not ?




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