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  1. there is an older screenshots package available which should cover most of the arcade games at least. get it here. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XX2ODJZD Ok thanks fumanchu, but shouldnt they have already been in there, only if they should then i could have something else missing as well and dont fancy ftp 25gb across only to find its not working. Anybody advise? Thanks.
  2. Hi all, not been around for a while but i just grabbed the full CoinOPS 2 package from UG and noticed it doesnt contain screenshots for the games, should they have be included? Thanks.
  3. pookie75

    CoinOPS N64

    Not been around for a while so just wondered if theres any news on Save States and Controller Remapping in CoinOPS yet for N64? Thanx.
  4. Hey BritneysPAIRS, a couple of quick questions if you dont mind. In the new build will save states and keymapping work for N64? If not do you have any plans to add these features or are they not on your radar? And finaly, i see your putting locks in place on your new build, will this stop me from removing all PS1 and C64 games? I use all other console games as provided by CoinOPS just not these two. Also will i still be able to add in a few console games myself of not? Im still using EPIC R7 and its great, so many thanks for that.
  5. Ok then Numbnuts do you have a link to the full release?
  6. Could somebody please send me a link to either the standalone of full release of Epic please? Really struggling to find this one. Thanks.
  7. Is epic out? Anybody got a link? Thank you please!
  8. Both Xboxes are now sold Thanks BP
  9. If anyones intersted i have 2 120gb xbox's for sale both in perefect working order. For further details contact me at themagicman@fsmail.net UK ONLY. Cheers.
  10. Hey BP, did you lock this build so that you have to include console games? Only im installing on an xbox for my mate who only has stock HDD and hes only interested in the arcade games.
  11. What was the last coinops version that was just for arcades with no console support?
  12. Looking good BP. Will we be able to choose between Toggle Stick & DPad this time around for SNES and Gameboy?
  13. Hey BP, these seem to be missing please add them, thanks. N64_1080Snowboarding N64_BanjoKazooie N64_BatmanBeyondReturnoftheJoker N64_BeetleAdventureRacing N64_CaliforniaSpeed N64_Castlevania N64_CastlevaniaLegacyofDarkness N64_CruisnUSA N64_CruisnWorld N64_ExtremeG N64_FZeroX N64_LegoRacers N64_MaceTheDarkAge N64_MickeysSpeedwayUSA N64_MortalKombatTrilogy N64_PaperMario N64_SnowboardKids2 N64_SuperMario64 N64_WCWMayhem N64_WheelofFortune N64_Wipeout64 N64_YoshisStory PSX_ActuaPool PSX_JediPowerBattles PSX_KnockoutKings99
  14. Thats what i thought, some games show as - Earthworm Jim I Earthworm Jim II and others - Streets of Rage Streets of Rage II Its no biggie but would just look better if sorted.
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