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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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I really need a well writen to do list...alot get forgotten about untill rementioned like dk2.... some things just slip my mind and never quite happen...


also added


Ignition Factor

Umihara Kawase

Havest Moon

Illusion of Gaia

Legend of Zelda - 3rd Quest (BSZelda T&H)

Legend of Zelda - 4th Quest (BSZelda T&H)

Secret of Evermore


Chrono Trigger

Final Fantasy VI

Secret of Mana I

Secret of Mana II to showroom

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cheers for everything zhoul.... can you bold the ones that arnt copies of arcades and arnt in my list and good games...i need to refine the lists...also non rpg

I'll go over the list this afternoon. I know there are at least a couple duplicates from your list, like (Cybernator / Assault Suits Valken). That one slipped past me because I don't refer to it by it's Cybernator name.


When you say non-rpg, are you also saying not to include strategy rpg's like Tactics Ogre? You do have some strategy games listed which is why I ask. It's just difficult to know where to draw the line. Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV, for example, is a strategy game that isn't much like Final Fantasy at all, but on the SNES it sort of falls into the same category as FEDA and Fire Emblem, which are considered strategy rpg's. As you see there's some thinking that needs done on where to draw the line.

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I noticed one possible bug with CoinOps. I just played through Double Dragon. Right after I beat the final boss with the machine gun and his remaining henchmen ran to the exit, the game froze with a pink, blue, yellow and gray artifact pattern, similar to the sort that are displayed as an arcade game boots up.


Has anyone encountered (or can they reproduce) this? If so, any fix available? The rom I'm using is from Showcase.


Thanks again,





I also got this bug when I was playing Double Dragon, on the exact

same point. After that, I did not have the time (nor the patience) to

try it again and confirm the problem, but looks like it is really there.


BP, any comments on this?


I have no idea how such problem could be fixed, but if it is possible,

please, do it for us.


After all, we are not talking about any given game...

We are talking about THE CLASSIC of the classics!



Thanks, man.

And thanks Phil for reporting this problem.

I completely forgot about it.



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