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  1. could i get a pm for the full coinops package? Thanks.
  2. I don't have an upgraded hd in my xbox but would like to download CoinOPS EPIC anyway, would it work alright if the roms are streamed to my xbox? im not very knowledgeable with xboxes or hard drives. also, when epic is released where might i download it? if its a torrent i should find it alright. ive enjoyed playing coinops with my friends and family so your work is not unappreciated. thank you
  3. Is there any way to play music I added to my xbox while playing the games? And is there a definitive pack full of all the supported roms? Also, sometimes the types of the games go away and just say unknown, is there a way to fix this? and another quick question, will we ever be able to save/load like sega and nes emulators? I love coinops, ive shown it to all my friends and had a blast. Keep up the good work! Thanks, Heugbr
  4. How many light gun games are in CoinOPS? I wouldn't mind buying two light-guns off ebay if there is enough.
  5. Is showcase going up as a torrent today? I n33D mEh FixeS!1!!!!11!
  6. I would just like to suggest using Mediafire instead of Megaupload, it's faster to download. Thanks for the PM's fumanchu!
  7. Could I get a PM for the CoinOPS that includes roms? I also give thanks in advance.
  8. Could someone tell me if it can play multiple songs? Does it have to be .wma because it lessens the bit rate? Here is some of my song suggestions.(Event though you probably wont look) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=TI2DQWEJ
  9. Okay dokay! I did not know a computer could read Xbox ISO's, but I opened it in PowerISO and now I can copy the roms to the hdd. Thanks for the help again!
  10. you have the roms on a disc if thats the case just put the disc into your xbox and use either your file explorer of your dashboard or use dvd2xbox and copy over the roms to your xbox hdd. or do you meann you play them off disc?? by the way check your pm in about 2mins. It runs off a disc. Thanks for all your help.
  11. None, I just wanted to know. Thanks for this, but do you also have a link to the romset for R1? I have mine on a disc and deleted original.
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