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Some questions about Coinops R8.


1. How do I activate the Final Burn Core for CPS2? Enable it under settings does not seem to have any effect. It does not change the mameox.ini either.

Editing mameox.ini manually has no effect either...


2. The pixel perfect stuff does not work with screen rotation. But thanks a lot for adding screen rotation! It's a good thing for me!


3. After Coinops starts up and entering the menu by pressing start, there is no "lightgun calibration" option. Leaving the menu and re-enter it, the option appears...

Calibrating the gun works great. I tried "Terminator 2", but it doesn't work. I have the guns in port 3 and 4. Do they have to be in port 1 and 2?

I have not tried it yet...

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theres alot of support files missing and documentation im running all this type of stuff on my build at present...cps2 in fba core...street fighter 3 3rd strike etc....I can add the pixel perfect stuff for sideways in about 20mins if theres enough call for it I will do.


Light gun I dont look at that as I never got help and cba made me rem all the changes out...so im not looking at light gun without the support...like pixel perfect would have never gone in with out support of testing as I dont use it....but now its in....


Do people want pixel perfect stuff for rotation>?


I havent looked at mame drivers for a while...I can do ...iq is really the expert in this stuff im patchy at it....hes gone and probably has much better stuff to do....but his patchs / help are allways welcome

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1.5 more days till I release CoinOPS reignite X then things will be slow for a while.... :) so not much time to get in requests


(im enjoying the s fight happening over the other stuff and looking at figures....it proves without me the same people just want to s fight with themselves and never look at the stats and never think there is anything to be concerned about... it looks like they have fun aguing with themselves though) :) this might bring the same people in but it wont do them any good ... its just fun to watch and I laugh to myself really and think I told them so and its going exactly as I would have thought it would go

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final burn core for cps2 is in there I just havent documented it....ill add psx and maybe c64 cores soon....


reason why alot havent given alot of you R9 is simply as its a bug bash build only and you guys have never given me any feedback on bugs...its nothing to worry about the full one will be out soon


ill add the left/right disabling previews if the option is turned on in the settings.... must have a crappy hdd or on smb for it to be an issue though all my xboxs handle this off no isses...

Haven't gotten R9 yet, but been playing with R8 some... Hard for me to bug bash atm, the color wheel in my projector is going out and I don't have a TV. :)


Light Gun support would really be awesome. I don't have light guns, so I can't test atm, but if I knew I could pick up some yard sale madcats or save up some cash for a Top Gun or something and could plug them in and start blasting.. much more inclined to play T2, Rev X, Area 51, Time Crisis, etc. As it is, I don't think I've tried T2 since when I first got my box modded back in '02. Couldn't deal with the crappy controls and not being able to see crosshairs.


Can't get it to load roms from other emu dirs. Tried editing path.ini, nothing. Any way to add file browsing support for editing rom paths, as typing out the path is a hassle.


Meka sure clutters things up. :)



Overall, I think I'm happier with seperate emus. Upgrades and bug fixes, whatnot. I am considering setting up a separate install of CoinOps to house Turbo16, NES, SMS, Genesis, Lynx, maybe SNES and GBA.. all together. Been thinking lately that I really don't need the same games on 5 different consoles. I def like the idea of housing all those systems together, but I dunno if I want arcades where I can hit a button for more lives mixed in with consoles where I actually have to survive.




In the showcase thread you mentioned picking up mame .84, but I thought CoinOPs supported newer roms?

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it will just be scaled option :) not pixel perfect but antialise will be disabled if you set it to auto...... Ill do the settings


ill do dats soon.... for games....


if you want it setup for diff systems....change it to sort by console or lock it in settings to sort by console....left right will switch systems then :) eg SNES MDirve arcade NES PC16 so just press left or right and it will jump to the next console type.....X has new sorting features for consoles as well :)

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The advantage to a separate install for console games is that it frees up the sorting options for genre, year, players, etc <- which rule.



Found a small list of Light Gun games, but it's taken me like 2 hours to weed out about 5 games as not being compatible... Help?


Man, Gunblade NY or LA Machine Guns would be sweet. Area 51/HotD/Silent Scope are xbox releases, so that would be covered ok. Man, if I didn't have to send my projector away for repairs I'd be shopping for a light gun...




* 2 SPICY (Sega, 2007)

* Alien 3: The Gun (Sega, 1993)

* Aliens: Extermination

* Area 51 (Atari, 1995)

* Maximum Force (Atari Games, 1997)

* Area 51/Maximum Force Duo (Atari Games, 1998)

* Area 51: Site 4 (Atari Games, 1998)


* Bang! (Gaelco, 1998)

* Beast Busters (SNK, 1990)

* Beast Busters: Second Nightmare (SNK, 1999)


* Big Buck Hunter (Incredible Technologies, Inc., 2000)

* Big Buck Hunter: Shooter's Challenge (Incredible Technologies, 2002)

* Big Buck Hunter II (Incredible Technologies, 2003)

* Big Buck Hunter Pro (Raw Thrills, Inc., 2006)


* Born To Fight (International Game, 19??)

* Bronx (bootleg, 1986)

* Bubble Trouble(Namco, 1992)

* CarnEvil (Midway, 1999)

* Chiller (Exidy, 1986)

* Clay Pigeon (Exidy, 1986)

* Confidential Mission (Sega of America, Inc., 2000)


* Crypt Killer (Konami, 1995)

* Desert Gun (Midway, 1977)

* Duck Hunt / Vs. Duck Hunt (PlayChoice-10, 1984)

* Evil Night / Hell Night (Konami, 1998)

* Ghost Squad (Sega, 2004)

* Ghost Squad Evolution (Sega, 2007)


* Gun Survivor 2 Biohazard Code: Veronica (Namco/Capcom, 2001)

* Gunblade NY (Sega, 1995)

* L.A. Machineguns (Sega, 1998)


* Invasion (Midway, 1999)

* Jurassic Park (arcade game) (Sega, 1994)

* The Lost World (Sega, 1997)

* Jurassic Park III (Konami, 2001)


* Lethal Enforcers (Konami, 1992)

* Lethal Enforcers II: Gunfighters (Konami, 1994)


* Let's Go Jungle!: Lost on the Island of Spice (Sega, 2006)

* Ninja Assault (Namco, 2000)

* Mad Dog McCree (American Laser Games)

* Mad Dog McCree 2: The Lost Gold (American Laser Games)


* Operation Wolf (Taito, 1987)

* Operation Thunderbolt (Taito, 1988)

* Operation Wolf 3 (1994)

* Operation Tiger (1998)


* Point Blank (arcade game) (Namco, 1994)

* Police Trainer (P&P Marketing, 1997)

* Police Trainer 2 (P&P Marketing)

* Revolution X (Midway Games Inc., 1994)


* Shoot Away (Namco, 1984)

* Silent Hill: The Arcade (Konami, 2007)

* Silent Scope (Konami)

* Silent Scope 2

* Silent Scope X

* Space Gun (Taito, 1990)[2]

* Space Pirates (American Laser Games, 1992)

* Star Trek: Voyager - The Arcade Game (Team Play, 2002)


* Teraburst (Konami, 1999)

* Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Midway Manufacturing Co., 1991)


* The House of the Dead (Sega, 1996)

* The House of the Dead 2 (Sega, 1998)

* House of the Dead III (Sega, 2002)

* House of the Dead 4 (Sega, 2005)

* House of the Dead 4 Special (Sega, 2005)


* The Last Bounty Hunter (American Laser Games, 1994)

* The Ocean Hunter (Sega, 1998)

* Time Crisis (Namco, 1995)

* Time Crisis 2 (Namco, 1997)

* Crisis Zone (Namco, 1999)

* Time Crisis 3 (Namco, 2001)

* Time Crisis 4 (Namco, 2006)

* Triple Hunt (Atari, 1977)

* Trophy Hunting: Bear & Moose (Sammy USA, 2003)

* Turkey Hunting USA (American Sammy Corporation, 2001)

* Turkey Shoot (Williams, 1984)


* Vampire Night (Namco/Sega/Wow Entertainment, 2000)

* Virtua Cop (Sega, 1994)

* Virtua Cop 2 (Sega, 1995)

* Virtua Cop 3 (Sega, 2003)


* Zombie Raid (American Sammy, 1995)

* Who Shot Johnny Rock? (American Laser Games, 1991)

* World Combat (Konami, 2003)

Edited by megabungle
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Light gun I dont look at that as I never got help and cba made me rem all the changes out...so im not looking at light gun without the support


F****** Bullshit. I never caused him to do anything people.

Simple answer, he doesn't know how to get it to work properly and never has.

This info came to me by PM from one of his insiders last year or the year before.

It used to be ok and every time he attempted to fix it it got worse till he broke it in R1 or R2.

That's the truth of the matter. That's why it's not in anymore.


PS. Less than half the rom's on that list work.

There are video's and config's for all working roms somewhere i believe.

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thats a pretty good list. unfortunately as cba said, many of those are not yet supported in even the newest mame versions. when you were looking for those lightgun games, did you happen to come across a two player game where one player drives a jeep and the other player shoots? i believe this was a zombie game. i came across it once, but cannot remember the name now...very unfortunate as it looked pretty fun.

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