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  1. Great Job! Thanks a lot! Do you mind releasing the source code of this build as well? Since it's final, I think it would be nice to have it.. A lot of stuff was added since the last release of the source code... which was R4 or something I believe....
  2. Some questions about Coinops R8. 1. How do I activate the Final Burn Core for CPS2? Enable it under settings does not seem to have any effect. It does not change the mameox.ini either. Editing mameox.ini manually has no effect either... 2. The pixel perfect stuff does not work with screen rotation. But thanks a lot for adding screen rotation! It's a good thing for me! 3. After Coinops starts up and entering the menu by pressing start, there is no "lightgun calibration" option. Leaving the menu and re-enter it, the option appears... Calibrating the gun works great. I tried "Termin
  3. Finally had some time to try R8. I like the pixel perfect stuff... and the "fast D-pad scrolling". Maybe pressing D-pad left, right should disable preview vids as well... just a thought... I noticed one thing while playing CPS2 games. In Coinops the games run a little jerky (screen tearing). For example "1944 - the loop master". Best noticeable during the animation scene when the game starts up. Playing the same game in FBL it runs totally smooth. No tearing at all.. Is it possible to use the FBL core in Coinops? If I remember right, this issue started a lot of trouble... But lets say I w
  4. Putting the link to your teams homepage is one lame scavenger hunt. I will check it out for sure... A huge THANK YOU for all your work! Sad to see that BP has one more "enemy". I hoped that the few guys left at the xbox scene would stick together... Hopefully things continue well on the xbox 360, so we can all move on... I am looking forward to the next Extras to be released...
  5. Hi BP, have you ever come across this? http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=662368 It seems, that the Xbox is capable of outputting true low resolutions like 240p or 288p. If this is possible, it would solve a lot of the aspect ratio issues. And you would be the first one who did something like this.
  6. I think you should talk to Cospefogo about this issue. He is the man with the needed knowledge... In my opinion these screensize / aspect ratio settings are just needed for people who disable most video filters to get a 'sharp' picture. If you enable antialiasing, the whole thing is kind of meaningless. One more thing, you dont have to care about all the different physical screen resolutions out there. You cannot influence the interal scaling of any LCD, Plasma or whatever monitor... concentrate on 480i (cab owners) and 720p video output. Turn off any software filters and play some games,
  7. Hi folks, there is a way to change the CoinOps screensize and aspect ratio on a game by game basis. I show you on Zaxxon as an example... Create two plain black pngs the size of 256x224 and name them alphablack.png and black.png create a text file named zaxxon.art (always use the rom name) with the following content: bezel: file = black.png alphafile = alphamask.png layer = bezel priority = 0 visible = 1 position = -0.250,-0.459,1.250,1.469 Zip up the three files to zaxxon.zip and put it in the Coinops/artwork dir. Thats about it... The hard part is to calculate the position value
  8. @jukingeo Ah, I see, so you are forgiven to use a LCD. Getting a new CRT is not easy in my neck of the woods either... But since I work in TV engineering I get good used ones for free. Do you know there is a VGA Bios patch for the XBOX? That way you dont have to use a converter. I have never used it, but read about it. Ok, I got your PM but it did not contain your email address. Can you PM it again? @Cospefogo Thanks you for your work at picture perfect aspect ratio on all the emus! It's a sad thing that one got to have different CoinOps builds for each resolution.. That keeps me
  9. @Leatherhead The easiest way is to edit the keymap.xml from the system folder in XBMC. Locate the following section and edit it to your needs. <gamepad> <A>Select</A> <B>ParentDir</B> <X>FullScreen</X> <Y>Queue</Y> <white>ContextMenu</white> <black></black> <start>XBMC.ActivateWindow(PlayerControls)</start> <back>PreviousMenu</back> <dpadleft>Left</dpadleft> <dpadright>Right</dpadright> <dpadup>Up</dp
  10. Hi guys, what I think CBA is meaning by "locked" skin is not that it is encrypted or something, just that some parts are not in the skin.ini. For example, I tried to change the alpha fading on the preview videos. I found it in xmvplayer.ccp. Have a look: Device->Begin( D3DPT_QUADLIST ); // Device->SetVertexDataColor( D3DVSDE_DIFFUSE, 0); // ARGB (150, 50, 50, 5) // Device->SetVertexDataColor( D3DVSDE_DIFFUSE, 1); if ((fRight != 640) && (fRight != 1280)) { Device->SetVertexDataColor( D3DVSDE_DIFFUSE, D3DCOLOR_RGBA( 0, 0, 0, 0 )); // Ken Video Preview setting
  11. How to make your own XBMC skin mod. Pretty much the same as my vertical setup on the other thread. So just a little cut and paste here.... I THINK ALL THIS IS ONLY USEFUL FOR CAB OWNERS (Because of the large icon thumbs and the messed up skin) Here is how did the XBMC skin mod... just follow me... I assume you have some XBMC knowledge... - add <thumbsize>500</thumbsize> to Advancedsettings.xml (this will increase the quality of the shown icons) - delete the existing thumbnails in "userdata/thumbnails/programs" (this will force a rebuild of the 500x500 thumbnails) - instal
  12. @jukingeo Dont tell me you are using a HiDef LCD TV in your cab. That would be blasphemy! CRT is the way to go dude... But anyway PM me your email address and I will send you the skin files....
  13. Ok, there are two skin folders with a skin.ini. Make sure you edit the right one. LowDef is for 480i (normal TV) I admit there are a lot of color settings in the skin.ini. I never looked deep into it, I just changed all colors in one go. (search and replace all) What color are looking to change exactly? Maybe I can help... Are you looking for something like this?
  14. Ok guys. I will post my little XBMC skin mod as soon as I have some time. It is just a small modification to the Ellipsis skin of Team Blackbolt. I can give my icons to someone who is willing to upload them somewhere to share with you guys... PM me about it... I have no idea about RS or MU uploads, sorry..
  15. @Junkingeo I asked myself the same questions you did. Here is what I found out: The coloring of the text can be changed by editing the "skin.ini" in the skin directory of CoinOps. Open the file in an editor and things will be almost self explained. The colors are in alpha, red, green, blue format. So white will be 255 255 255 255 and so on... Changing the romlist frame color is done be editing the "sprites-menu-color.png" with a picture editor of your choice. just change the color to whatever you like and save and overwrite the file... A custom Coinops logo can be done be editing the "
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