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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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I must say the same stuffs happening else where without me and its a lol moment for sure....they are so silly and they dont see it.... its funny shit for sure


ill look at crystal kings some time....also im there will only be one public link and not here but it will be out soon with a special bonus thats better than any supplied before :) im mating the bonus to the release now so its a one stop shop

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hello all :)


long time i'm not back here and i see work in progress still here, excellent :)


i have not enough time to make update lol


can i have the last version please ?


thanks in advance :)

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hopefully fixed pixel perfect....when screen rotated but cant really test...


best of consoles now is finished pretty much :) just need "GBA_WorldReborn" now and I also fixed the sound glitch in snes when exiting a rom...I pause the sound when exit is hit like all the other cores :) how did I miss one

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