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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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more info soon on stuff...looks like ill have some time over weekend to finalise things....




30 New Arcade games or Fixes

Support for Midway games with sound (MK, MK2, NBA Jam, NBA Jam TE, Narc)

Support for Killer Instincts

Support for Playstation

Support for Nintendo 64

Support for PC Engine CD

Support for Commodore 64

Better Support for Final Burn core and more games going

Added over 10,000 games to a total of 20,000 games

New More Consistant sorting engine for systems

New Rebrand

Improved Consistance of console cores

Screenshot Screensaver addded

New tagging systems for console games

New Documentation

Improved Consisency of naming and conventions so everything reads the same

Improved naming and interface tweaks so other cores have proper sort names for Year etc including Final Burn Core so Final Burn games show correct player info not 0 players

Many Many bug fixs and tweaks to arcades and home

End to End polish of everything


now supports

Atari Lynx

Commodore 64

Game Gear


Gameboy Advance

Gameboy Color

Master System



Nintendo 64

PC Engine

PC Engine CD


Sega SG-1000

Super Nintendo




alot of the above is requests from fans, I know the Wankers dont like it but I decided to do it for the nicer people in life that have stuck by this and have moved from once greener pastures...alot of this isnt for me its for you the fans ....... arrrrhhhh thats lovely


after this the new team will form......and fan requests will be all go the new ShowROOM is coming and its bigger much bigger much better and you guys will get your say into how it all goes

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Nice job BP! Keep up the good work.


I showed my friends and co-workers Coin-ops and they all want xboxes now to run it, even though most of them have moved on to 360s/PS3s. In my opinion, it's probably one of the nicest homebrew apps that was ever made for the xbox. It definetly brings new life to them. Thanks again.

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ummm a few of those games are done iq_132 did Gunmaster sometime ago so I added that in Inferno for starters....


Ummmmm I need 2-3 beta testers that have showROOM and they cant release it for 1 week...ill release this on the 30th but your hand up if you can help offer issues you see it will most likely help with documenation as it will probably be possible just you dont quite understand how


also Vote 5 star in top right if you feel this deserves it....I have

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