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I have a list of present games in the Mame and that I would want also in CoinOps Inferno:

Magic Johnson's Fast Break


Ninja Mission




World Trophy Soccer




Best Of Best


Big Fight - Big Trouble In The Atlantic Ocean


Blazing Lazers


Bomb Kick


Buggy Boy/Speed Buggy



This is only a part of the games. If it can serve in the next few days I will put the rest :)

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ive allready added a few of those but really this stuff will be discussed after the standalone...ill let everyone play then ill release the massive pack onto the world...


remember though there is some locks to make consoles mandatory in this release.....


unless 10 people that arnt the trolls and have been around for more than 3 months request it doesnt happen the locks will go in place (remember this was because of xbox waal and cba giving misinformation and me deciding that ill force you to see that its misinformation and consoles work sweet)

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ha Brit do you really think that affects me or any of the so called "trolls"....matter fact lock the hell out of it, you should take out any options....cya buddy :)


ps: Im not updating regardless locked /unlocked i was content last build. :)

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Personally I think the lock is a bad idea, although I can understand why you do it. However, punishment rarely works. I love the console part, and I guess lots of us do. For those who doesn't I don't see why there has to be a lock just because a few annoying persons give you a hard time. Haven't been around for 3 months, so I guess it doesn't make a difference. Still, I think almost everyone appreciate your fantastic work, lock or not, and I see no good reason to have it.


Cheers! :)

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OK locks inserted :) that was easy as it normally is


I knowq most will update as this has alot more stuff and most stuff people asked for is now in :)


its more the fact of how quickly they spread misinformation in the name of helping you guys and how I have to undo there hard work to lie to you guys....everyone that comes here know they have no skills and they get no support I know that but they like to voice there misinformation all over the place and some new people beleive they know what they talking about when clearly they lie and have no real skills and its easy to see here as every test they have fails and I achieve all my targets nearly everytime....but I feel sorry for the the new people that they misinform and feel sorry that the wolves circle them...as they are easier than people that know

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Ok next days I continuous the list of games. For me the arcade games are more important that console games, but it is only my opinion. I do not expect that all the games come added in CoinOps, and I do not expect that it comes quickly made, for me every addition cannot that to be single joy :)

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When you finish this terrible and uninteresting work, I hope you will rest a bit and finally go see a doctor.

Because you rehash a lot and it worries me a bit anyway.


This is actually getting amusing. Who needs to see a doctor, the one making an effort which lots of people find interesting, or the one who desperately needs to express how uninteresting he finds the effort to the very same people and author? Pretty clear to me. It's like trying to explain to a laughing crowd how boring the joke was. You only stand out as an arse.

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