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  1. I voted no. I believe you can rebuild a new project.You can always do, emulation seems to be a topic that can survive any fashion. I tend to believe that today your forum has too many sections and is too generalist. Maybe a balanced site with news and discussions about a specific theme would do it. For instance, focusing on the Android & iOS platform and handhelds/tablets could attract more people, this being a strong trend these days. Also a download section always bring people though it doesn't add much discussions, as I've noticed for our forum.
  2. Wow. I don't know if I must laugh or pity when I see such behaviors. It looks like some people don't have enough pride or self-esteem.I don't know. So these new games in Con-oops S. are only hacks ? That's what I smelt. In definitive end-users will get a pale copy of the current FBL skin. With the previous version you earned the possibility to change the background picture. Well, I appreciate the effort. Things are evolving. Slowly but surely.
  3. LOL, actually there is a 'Color' button at top right, it changes the text colour. But yeah it kinda looks depressing whatever is chosen. Welcome back Waal... in case you're worried about moderation, that is up to +T+ now... I won't do anything. And lastly, there wasn't any objection to allowing emuxtras, so as of now you can mention it, and link to it, but make sure there's no links to roms in the threads you link to. Also, it's a good idea to make sure that guests can read the threads. Thanks for your welcome and I'm not worried at all. In the contrary as I can see you're all havin
  4. Hello people ! Just wandering.
  5. Indeed, the controller is a problem. And Kega Fusion is the only emulator that supports Sega Pico on windows I know but it's closed source. Then there's always Pico Drive on other platforms...
  6. Bigby, you forgot to give credit to Robo Hobo for the port. This is very important, someone else could claim to have done that in six years. edit. Thanks for the clarification about GPL and xbox dev, +T+
  7. Oh you're still here ? And still a staff member ? There's people trying to discuss, here. And this GPL aspect of ScummVM particularly interests me. So please, don't lead this topic into usual schoolyard fighting again. Thanks.
  8. waal


    ...and much more. Though I can't stop laughing seing the evolution of that great man and so the decline of (t)his forum section. Forgive me Phil but all this is so sweet after all this defaming and bullshit... But this forum was so interesting long before... Unlike you, you pitiful ass-licker, I wasn't expecting anything from this lame forum section. Mwahaha. OK enough then. I have to say good bye as well. That was fun. Thanks.
  9. waal


    Bump. Beepee Memories part 1: http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php...=11729&st=0 Next episode: Lightgun support.
  10. It's ok my friend. Everybody can join now. China has just registered by the way. edit. I'm too lazy to read "Error404's" latest post. Let me know if you find something funny. Thanks in advance.
  11. Tell me more about this 'dictatorship'. There isn't any dictatorship. There was just a megalomaniac who occupied the ground in recent years. Just in case you haven't noticed.
  12. It's evident he doesn't care anymore. If he had come more often he would have most likely changed his mind about the responsibility he has given you. You have made a forum a platform for your bitterness. You have been so lucky though. That's all. And you give yourself such an importance... LOL Your account is still there at Xbox-Scene and it's a good thing because we can see how you behave since this (too) long time, there are tracks from you at least from 2005... There are still topics covered at XS and people can be informed there, exchange and help each other. Same as on *snip*. Actually
  13. Good riddance, then. ...and good luck for your new website launch. I hope it won't be the forum where others projects and authors are permanently defamed like you, as a staff member, have turned this xbox section in since years whatever your interlocutors. I suppose then the current 1emu staff will be relieved by your depart. I also hope newcomers will be respected as well this time. That wasn't really the case before just because of you again. Well BP, maybe you'll see then how much it can be difficult to start a new community. To maintain it, to add features, to offer more comfort fo
  14. torrents are so slow, 5 days and got nothing more than 12 % What !? I read there were thousaaaands of downloads... This must be the ravages of rampant misinformation that we hear about often here...
  15. These features in bold were already available in the XPort emus you've included to your patchwork. Something anyone can use since years. Looks like you lost them meanwhile. But I'm happy you repaired this omission. LOL.
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