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  1. Nice job BP! Keep up the good work. I showed my friends and co-workers Coin-ops and they all want xboxes now to run it, even though most of them have moved on to 360s/PS3s. In my opinion, it's probably one of the nicest homebrew apps that was ever made for the xbox. It definetly brings new life to them. Thanks again.
  2. BP, Did you not get my psx list yet? grr has it and said it was up on msn for you to get. If you don't have it yet, give grr a jingle. I also did a N64 one too.
  3. I have that PSX list, I believe formated correctly. What's the best way to get it to you?
  4. Let me know what I need to do specifically and I will do it for the PSX. If I need to take that list grr posted and put PSX_ infront of it, so be it. Just let me know how I can help. Thanks.
  5. Please add this one: PSX_N2O: Nitrous Oxide Thanks
  6. I vote for "CoinOPS NextGen" Will we be able to run other PSX games or just the ones that are mentioned above? Thanks for all your hard work. It is a very nice program and compliments the xbox very well.
  7. Maybe an update to your last packages. At least for the 'big' one.
  8. Can you please add support for: PSX_N2O: Nitrous Oxide Thanks!
  9. Does a version of coin-ops that support xbox games currently exist? I am turning a couple xboxes into multi-platform gaming machines and this front-end would be perfect to boot into.
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