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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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first off GREAT JOB!!!!!!! id LOVE to be your tester now of course you know i am going to ask but any work on MK3 and ultimate MK3 running at full speed with sound?? i know i know i dont mean to keep on asking this but man having those running at PERFECT speed and sound along with the fixed version of the arcade version of Golden Axe II would just be simply AMAZING!!

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Great work on the progression of this awesome emulator. I wish I had this kind of talent or something to offer to the project. Anyway I was hoping you could maybe get X-men to work again? Seems to fail some sort of system check when it starts loading. "13B BAD" it says if thats any help.

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it works fine on ShowROOM and my build


give me the exact name of game if its the capcom games it could be because you are using an old set and its running in CPS2 the new Romset works in CoinOPS core and Final Burn core but unfortuantly Final Burn core requires a tweak

so give me the build your using and the exact game name as there are alot of X-Men games

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OK BETA invites going out


NOTE - No locks as ive found it restricts some valid use and really looks like the people that misinform are no longer being listened to but it will give you a heads up info on first boot about what it can do

and the readme is lot more coprehensive....I will ask BETA testers to read it and the FAQ before they ask questions :) im sure you know why RTFM


Boot info should include


Launches the most Arcade games of an emulator for the XBOX by along way


now supports launching of


Atari Lynx

Commodore 64

Game Gear


Gameboy Advance

Gameboy Color

Master System



Nintendo 64

PC Engine

PC Engine CD


Sega SG-1000

Super Nintendo



also to dballs ill look at your issue after this stuff....and give you MSN but I dont think I should let you test the BETA for this....It should be tested I guess but its not been a problem really for the few 1000 downloads in the first week alone....I will look into it im sure its there and is an issue for a small number.....I wish I could get you to BETA test as im sure your good but I dont trust the people you run with and I know they cant really help as there skills are limited and there interest to be pains in the arse are large....anyways as normal nothing stops progress its just the illusions it does and it only hurts people like yourself getting the answers....the people I know and myself are never effected by these things....so anyway ill send you a PM after release of my MSN

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It works fine for me...so you there could be 2 issues I would guess


delete CoinOPS/nvram/xmen.nv and give it a go (its the non volitle memory and maybe its corupted)


or the rom is incorrrect...if you went to xtras team im aware of alot of issues with that build...


if you grabed the offical versions I just got 2-3 people to test it and its all good on CoinOPS_ShowROOM_X_XBOX-iND and CoinOPS_ShowROOM_X_LITE_XBOX-iND

sorry the other stuff is not tested well from what ive seen and has some issues....I need to know the exact version you have....but CoinOPS all builds will run that game just fine


Best of luck

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Yeah I have official version. Also thank you for the help. Simply deleting the file as you said resolved my problem :) And just for a minor mistake I have found in this build, the game Alligator Hunt has the wrong video. I believe it is currently using Alpha Missions. Keep up the excellent work and don't mind the trolls, they help keep site entertaining ha :)

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yeah grr had some ftp issues so for the new massive release it will be checked with an sfv....


best of luck :) new standalone verison is out soon and adds alot more power and the full version now in beta has 1000 odd titles extra its about 2400 games including n64 and psx, even mega drive gba and SNES are massively enhanced


ill look at assembling the new team in the next few weeks to work with Inferno to create the all in one emulator alot of people have wanted....all the great arcades console and hand helds in one intuative simple to use but powerfull sort and keep track of engine...aim for the most power I can get yet making it like a product that the average person would love to play with...I dont want it to intimadate the user like ive alot of them intimidate people I know...for me this is the stage to nail a massive build with everything in it people want..tidy a few features and new GUI.....


It reached a point where it will emulate everything all the people I know want so its time to make a true showroom called


CoinOPS Inferno GamesROOM


and with your guys help it will have all you want and more in it :) PS remember all videos need redoing as xtras stuff isnt good enough for my build...its no offense I grabbed these as well years ago but now in 720 they dont suit full screen playback in the teams opion.


This will be the chance for the average person to have a go...all the power is in there now....its just selecting a great build

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