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It looks like your "emulator" isn't so easy to use. You guys just wrote a page of mumbo-jumbo for nothing lol. At least with Nes6502, Kenshiro, Madmab and Xport software, you don't have to mess with XML and tweak stuff like VIRTUAL MEMORY, UNIBIOS and other ADVANCED OPTIONS.



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waal the troll......you dont have to do anything in fact if you dont touch it like it was designed it works...you can adjust stuff unlike all the other builds so you can get new stuff work like CPS3....or all other other stuff that crashes in FBL at 720p and doesnt in CoinOPS...it works out of the box on every game at 480i 480p and 720p


anyways as we know waal cba and (XBOX) are newbes no one listens to them...im not a newbe.....and they are losing all there support on all there forums.....this site now owns xbox scene thanks to them scaring everyone aways.....there only place is to hang onto dev as no one goes to there dead threads...there are lots go and find them for a laugh they are popular as cause they know there shit and know whats best for you....






I can keep bumping your stuff for you guys if you want but its tiring and it fails so quickly.....we all wonder why when you are so sure you know what your doing and other dont :) NEWBES and we all know including you guys that your Level 1 troll Newbes


ill ignor the newbes now....as I must move on...there whining always happens at release time and all it means is they get owned worse and worse every build....and cry more and more....enjoy your complaining and hanging on my balls....your stuff will fail like Xbox Scene has with you....good luck

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Signature updated to current status :) enjoy the show......life trucks ahead once again


Enjoy looking at me leave you in the dust while I enjoy watching the train wreaks you are in my dusk ........ zzzzzzzzzzzzzmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm




free promotion you got to love it :) ...........no other version has HD support for N64 on the Xbox and is fully intergrated into CoinOPS

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I like your new signature, dude.


Makes me famous... :)






You should all try Surreal64 XXX CE B5.4 by Freakadave. The games run much better. zzzzzzzzoooooommmmm :)

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OK tested unibio 2.3 and it works on both builds ... it just needs enabling in advanced settings as you can do wierd stuff to the games with the uni bio....no need to anything but enable it....


also reset you vm back to to default....all your Mslug issues will disappear...good luck

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OK so i have the latest Coinops and the mega pack.Its great.I have been having a problem with some of the Metal Slug games NOT loading at all.


They just freeze at the please wait screen and NEVER load.Metal slug 1 and 2 and x work fine but the others like 3,4,5 and 6 just dont load.


I am running them at 4mb and 512kb virtual mem like i do all the other games and they play fine.


I have had this problem for the last few releases of Coinops with the Metal series and a SMALL few other games so i really never complained but now i REALLY want to play other Metal Slugs besides 1,2and x.

What am i doing wrong?

just set the vmm to automatic and they will load,also for nightslashers blood incase you have not tried it yet make sure and set that to manual.

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usenet posting finished. Thanks to z.


grab it if you like it






posted in abgx



Torrent also up on UG, XBS, BCG, BS


Uploading to Demonoid and MediaFire / MegaUpload are low on the priority list atm.

Feel free to do it for me, if you have the files.




Edit :


Lots of videos made, lots of videos found, but still missing a lot too.

So if you are willing and able to make good quality videos of NES, SNES, N64, GBA, SMS, GG, Mdrive, SegaCD, PCE, PCE-CD

then plz PM me for a "needed vids" list

Minimum quality should be 640x480 @ 30 fps, but somewhat higher is even better.

Edited by grr
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yes the extended Console pack can fast move ahead now.....I should be able to do ShowCASE level massive lists of console games.....as the other previous videos where of bad quality I created most of the Console games videos from scratch these are good quality...so I can now massively bring all the console games into ShowROOM and not lower the qaulity...cheers guys ill assemble a team soon so we can pile though the list....

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ill check but what version do you have? CoinOPS_ShowROOM_X_XBOX-iND ???


also did you enable the unibio in the advanced settings? did you read the readme in the -Files folder? for more advanced stuff like running anything in the Final Burn core? this will speed up the load but remove some features



8 full tests in SD and 8 full tests in HD from 8 people says all Metal slugs work


ok and just got someone else that downloaded it to test it and all 7 Mslugs work on that version


Mslug 1








all tested fine...ill get them to test the uni bios but I see no issues with it and just downloaded it and it booted to mine...


You may have the ResolutionX version and that will have that issue for sure


Mslug 6????????????? or do u mean that bootleg mslug 3? if it is Mslug 6 ive never seen that in rom format

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