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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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20 frames a sec on normal xbox....playble but not perfect (no speed hacks)


Xbox game launching added ill decide what games I should add to that list soon....and screenshot tommorrow of Xbox game launching and N64 launching and some new core features...just a bit sleepy for screenshots... please PM anything to do with Xbox game launching(pookie you asked for this last night and I said it was easy and it took about 10minutes....it will take an hour or so to add a list and up to 3 hours if its every game...PM me a list of games you want to be able to launch though CoinOPS that make sense to the type of EMU it is) if you have ideas or list if not it will go off what I decide...Peace

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Added another 200 games to ShowROOM consoles including videos....


looked at features for consoles...saves...pixel perfect and a few other things to see the way forward


my GF over so I cant spend to much time around here but alot of new questions etc and ill get back to people in the next day or 2....also welcome to some new faces and a few old friends...ill get around to replying to all the stuff hopefully very soon....

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