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looked at Amiga games.....50 / 50 on adding the core at present...... hmmmmm

also I dont know how psx games can fit more than 5 or 6 games in a folder as it will make the folder above the fatx limit? can anyone explain what the story is and I can add the core....

also bored where can I find the source and some games to test....ill add it if I can crunch the source

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OK final time to recommend cores I have more done but ive allready added support for another 1000 games since ShowROOM :( dont want to clutter it to much....


any recommendations of cores PM me.....sorry once again for the trolls...I know what you guys mean....ill answer a few of the PM tommorrow sorry was a bit busy check out what to add and what is not suitble tonight for the cores....



C64 games added so far....if you want more let me know...by the weekend im locking down core adding...maybe adding game names and tightning the build again to get it all up to speed

I could add another 20,000 games with this one but its not what we want


DRIVER( C64_Uridium ) // C64

DRIVER( C64_IKPlus )


DRIVER( C64_Commando )

DRIVER( C64_Bounder )

DRIVER( C64_Nebulous )

DRIVER( C64_Cauldron )

DRIVER( C64_ImpossibleMission )

DRIVER( C64_ImpossibleMission2 )

DRIVER( C64_Paradroid )

DRIVER( C64_Elite )

DRIVER( C64_Dizzy )

DRIVER( C64_BuggyBoy )

DRIVER( C64_GhostsNGoblins )

DRIVER( C64_ThingOnASpring )

DRIVER( C64_SpyHunter )

DRIVER( C64_Loderunner )

DRIVER( C64_LittleComputerPeople )

DRIVER( C64_BruceLee )

DRIVER( C64_Thrust )

DRIVER( C64_Sentinel )

DRIVER( C64_MontyontheRun )

DRIVER( C64_ManicMiner )

DRIVER( C64_GribblysDayOut )

DRIVER( C64_HeadOverHeels )

DRIVER( C64_DropZone )

DRIVER( C64_Creatures )

DRIVER( C64_AttackMutantCamels )

DRIVER( C64_LastNinjaII )

DRIVER( C64_WhoDaresWins2 )

DRIVER( C64_WhoDaresWins )

DRIVER( C64_Beachhead )

DRIVER( C64_WayoftheExplodingFist )

DRIVER( C64_Archon )

DRIVER( C64_CastleWolfenstein )

DRIVER( C64_BeyondCastleWolfenstein )

DRIVER( C64_SummerGames )

DRIVER( C64_SummerGames2 )

DRIVER( C64_WinterGames )

DRIVER( C64_CaliforniaGames )

DRIVER( C64_LastNinja )

DRIVER( C64_WorldGames )

DRIVER( C64_Barbarian )

DRIVER( C64_Beachhead2 )

DRIVER( C64_Fist2 )

DRIVER( C64_Fist )

DRIVER( C64_SpyvsSpy )

DRIVER( C64_SpyvsSpy2 )

DRIVER( C64_SpyvsSpy3 )

DRIVER( C64_Cauldron2 )

DRIVER( C64_LastNinjaIII )

DRIVER( C64_Karateka )

DRIVER( C64_Alleykat )

DRIVER( C64_TheSacredArmourofAntiriad )

DRIVER( C64_Druid )

DRIVER( C64_Exolon )

DRIVER( C64_FightingWarrior )

DRIVER( C64_JetSetWilly )

DRIVER( C64_Nemesis )

DRIVER( C64_UridiumPlus )

DRIVER( C64_RamboIII )

DRIVER( C64_RickDangerous )

DRIVER( C64_Trailblazer )

DRIVER( C64_Saboteur )

DRIVER( C64_SabreWulf )

DRIVER( C64_AufWiedersehenMonty )

DRIVER( C64_Chessmaster2000 )

DRIVER( C64_DanDare )

DRIVER( C64_Equinox )

DRIVER( C64_EaglesNest )

DRIVER( C64_ThingBouncesBack )

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PSX core partially in....


I wonder why the trolls are so quite now and numbers of views are the same....


anyways as allways although they lie to you about pretty much everything and tell you they are doing you a favor its clear it doesnt work for them (they tell you of freedom yet wont leave me alone, they tell you of open source yet theres is the only non open source stuff....they tell you alot of misinofrmation and are left with only trolling thats very sad as we all know)...and good to see your around...some biggish news is close and ill plan another roll out....and release schedule...


New timelines etc rolled out soon theres so much to do....especially with fixing all the extras and videos......but its well on its way...once again message me if you want part of this cause a few weeks from now we will set up a realtime project for inserting ShowCASE ready stuff on a level yet unseen....

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It amusing at how little help they are to real people....just proving what everyone knows it always takes only a few days to prove them wrong and that they have nothing to offer.....everyone including them know that and we all know they are just scared out of options and think its the only thing they can do....oh the trolls, but it doesnt effect anything....and never has....

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Doing a fairly major re org of the way Console and Handheld stuff is sorted and named so its more consistant...this will require some new skin stuff as well....but should be simpler and better named for people....plus a new feature


Hope you guys dont like sorting between Console and Handheld stuff, I might just merge that into Home and Arcade only...instead of Arcade, home and handheld....


anyway the basic work is done and it should look and feel alot more consistant soon....and maybe a filter Arcade + Home - Arcade Only - Home Only switching button and display on screen thats still in thinkings....


also im thinking of adding a file ConsolePath.txt and you can edit the text file to change the path of where to get the cores games from...


anyway wish it could be discussed with more of you....but its not troll friendly

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finished a tidy up of the console naming and sorting its much more consistant now and nothing is shortened....eg before it was Hand Home Console Now its Arcade or Home only .... and alot of systems where C64 or Commodore 64 now they read Commodore 64 only eg the full name and allways the same...


also looking at simplifing left/right sort by system stuff so people can understand it better :P

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