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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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Hi, found the SHOWROOM LITE but I really need some directions for the full 14gig masterpiece. else I will die of not being able to play this sweeet baby. please help a emulator craver out :) thanks! PM me please.


Edit: Thanks & Kudos to all involved in making this diamond possible!

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Ive downloaded the full 15gb showroom pack from UG :) and so far its great so thanks BP. Look forward to seeing

where it goes from here. One question though is there anyway to use the left toggle for snes games instead of the dpad?


Has anybody got any tips for seeding this my upload speeds are only hitting around 60kb. Im using utorrent and ive set it to unlimited upload speed. Thanks.

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PLEASE remember to SEED AFTER DOWNLOADING.I think there should be MORE seeds than what i see.25(36)

The more seeds the FASTER the download is for everyone..




I've been a fan of coinops for years and really want to try the FULL version of showroom! I promise to seed the torrent for a long time, if given access. Please PM me!!


Great work BP and everyone involved in this release. The LITE version is amazing.

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If your ratio at demonoid wouldn't suck so bad, I'd invite you to a real tracker.

But it will show on demonoid eventually.

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