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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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i tried this latest FULL version briefly and unfortunately it has the same problems loading some arcade games where it freezes at the end of the loading progress bar bit.


i copied these files onto my xbox and removed the old files, i also ensured that the 2 lots of save dirs were removed. i then booted it up and tried some games. strangely "windjammers" arcade game worked the first time i tried to play it, which was just after installation. it loaded very quickly, say 10 seconds max. later that night i turned my xbox on again and tried to load windjammers to confirm that it worked and it froze at the end of the progress bar. (i left it for 2 minutes or more and it didn't get past that). i then turned off my xbox and then tried again and it froze at the sme place.


all the extra features are great, but i would really prefer bugs like this being fixed to new feaures being added.


if you have a debug build that logs stuff to a file to help determine the cause, i am quite happy to run it for you. or any other tests you would like me to try.

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I read what you said about leaving Virtual mem on automatic and BINGO those games are running now.


A few releases ago i had to do manual virt mem because some games would not load so i just got used to turning it on manual.


I knew i was doing something wrong cause why would you include the games in the pack if they did not work,lol


I look forward to seeing what else you do with Coinops in the future.


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also go to advanced settings and then go to last tab and select reset everything...

after that run windjammers it will works...some games might not work if you change stuff like pixel ratio or effects as they are running out of mem...those games are much larger than the xbox memory.... every game was tested on 8 xboxs in default and worked if not to bug fix I need msn support and few hours of time....wont be hard to find...ive told people so many times this is how I can fix stuff...as no one I know reports this stuff ever....so its the only way... I cant be bothered telling people again..... im sorry but this is about the 20th time with no one ever doing this.... its tiring also I had beta for 2-3 releases and no reported this...R8 R9 where betas for this as reported....


nothing has every changed in windjammers so I wont know why you are getting this issue...its the same code as all builds from Mamedox


but after that it was tested by 8 people end to end with no issues

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usenet posting finished. Thanks to z.


grab it if you like it






posted in abgx



Torrent also up on UG, XBS, BCG, BS


Uploading to Demonoid and MediaFire / MegaUpload are low on the priority list atm.

Feel free to do it for me, if you have the files.




Edit :


Lots of videos made, lots of videos found, but still missing a lot too.

So if you are willing and able to make good quality videos of NES, SNES, N64, GBA, SMS, GG, Mdrive, SegaCD, PCE, PCE-CD

then plz PM me for a "needed vids" list

Minimum quality should be 640x480 @ 30 fps, but somewhat higher is even better.


Hey all,


I have sorted my seedbox issues (i hope)....


CoinOPS now on Bitsoup again, IP torrents too... I will add to Demonoid hopefuly thursday :)

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justgoonies gave me some proper info on Donkey Kong 2 Foundry so I added it properly....


GAME( 1982, dkongf, dkong, dkong, dkong, 0, ROT90, "Nintendo", "Donkey Kong 2" )


dkongf added


PM me a link to the video if you can guys :) I dont have this one


OK people want to kill here as well :) off to develop.....Thread closed due to trolls

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OK guys im out of project talks now.... I still have stuff on my HDD which I plan on finishing with a few people


PSX Core

C64 Core

N64 Core

Midway B6 Core


all these are going all in HD


I added about 4 or mame games and also fixed some of the drivers up like Bubble Booble....ive done another 200-300 console game videos and grrrr has supplied me with 1000s more...


I plan on releasing a new build sometime with 1000s more games and some new stuff No ETA on this and ill just plod away with the MSN people....


sadly public dev is now pretty much pointless...trolls now out number legit people, Ill answer PMs and if I dont here from you ill let the trolls help you....I know things will pretty much die without me but I will be working towards a new goal and ill be avaible on MSN and PMs as always....best of luck....


just want to support people that want to play...they have no idea what Z26x is what it does or what it plays...so I have to go with what ive seen with my eyes...I know people on forums want millions of things to clutter and think people that dont know what Z26x is are newbes but to me they are common people and love to play...so these are my crowd and allways have been...the techo people have tried to stop this philosphy like Microsoft have tried to stop apple and Sony have tried to stop Nintendo but now they are paying for supporting techs as common people well out number them...I saw this coming years ago for HK$ and also for each of those companies...best of luck believing this isnt true but I think ill gamble that its the way forward....Peace all


Anyways to people that just found this.....ill be around and can help you though the correct source...if not id say it will be incorrect CoinOPS and Mame can be tricky and lots think they understand it but dont....it looks simple but to get stuff going it needs some trickery...




************CoinOPS_StandALONE_X_XBOX-iND************ (Just the emulator at about 80megs)

************CoinOPS_ShowROOM_X_LITE_XBOX-iND************ (Best of arcades collection that will fit to DVD with videos...a very refined good collection 4.5gigs)

************CoinOPS_ShowROOM_X_XBOX-iND************ (Massive amount of arcade games and console arcade type of games all with pictures and videos...a large collection at about 15gigs)


they are the latest builds and are all availbe on all the top sites....enjoy.....all builds can run on different saves so they can run side by side

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Vision Of CoinOPS


To produce a simple launcher....thats plays all your favorite games and can be picked up by anyone and used in my Mum or a 5 year old first time user....


Process to do CoinOPS stuff


- For Help or to report Issues PM me....ill report back to you via PM and I may reply in the offical thread in this forum only

- For anyone that wants to join the team PM me....the features and things are added need to be duscused via MSN...and ill block anyone that trolling

- For info from a user point of view to what is happening come to the Main CoinOPS thread and view the latest stuff (Note this is locked due to trolls but ill be on PM for sure the link to the thread is http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=31894 and find the latest posts)

- No other threads will be answered by me or discussed regarding CoinOPS


Reson for New Process


- Trolls giving misdirection and making proper support problematic

- People with no knowledge of coding or the project giving misinformation about the product

- People with no knowledge of coding or the project giving misinformation about me

- People with no knowledge of coding or the project giving misinformation about other projects

- A general want by some to do what ever it takes to disrupt the project

- I dont wish to work with these people, personalities aside, I truely have seen there stuff and dont believe in there abilities or vision

- I need a more reliable process to help people that truely require help

- I need a more robust way of discussing features

- Many times ive given the people the time to help you and it fails so time and time again ive seen the users let down

- A general low qaulity of support across all forums to truely help the users

- A lot of misinformation about how hard or easy a feature is to put in on all project. Most of the time its just asking the correct person the correct way as he has to spend the time to make it happen


Feature Discussion


Normally people think I disagree with features...its normally that I disagree with the way they are placed in...they need to be automatic as possible and seemless to the user...if the effect on the user is greater than the feature it wont be added. Also people must realise that 95percent of the time I must code this so you must meet my requirement so I will spend my time to add this stuff


Whats Best For You


- If you just love and use CoinOPS keep an eye on the offical thread title and posts they will keep you informed of a release.

- If you want to particate lightly just PM

- If you want to help and be part of the project PM and set up an MSN link


My Promises


I promise to keep moving ahead nearly on a daily basis if you want to be part of it I recommend you follow the Process it will work. Cheers everyone

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For those who haven't got the CoinOPS releases yet,

UG has open signups for a few days for the first 2000 lucky people,

and the whole site is on freeleech till friday.


Get your goodies now folks....

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