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Sounds good will be looking out for it.Thanks for your guy's hard work on this release!!!!



EDIT: Can I get a link to anything available, thanks

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Fum whats your thoughts on how it all plays out


double dragon?


Boogie Wings?

Joe and Mac?

etc etc

double dragon-has a speed hack which takes away all the slowdown of the original arcade hardware and plays really well especially at the end of the second and fifth level which were always painfully slow.

osman-fucking awsome,PLAY IT....PLAY IT FUCKING NOW!! ;)

boogie wings-another great shooter with a difference,i was surprised by this game its an original take on the genre and it plays really well.

joe and mac2-a great bubble bobble style game with good graphics and sound which plays fine.

rhoga-this game IS THE SHIT.i originally played this on pcsxbox and it a great 2d sidescrolling shooter and again great emulation.

macross1and2-what a difference it makes having sound in these 2 games,fantastic shmups.

harrier attack-good emulation and sound.

so much to try..

there are a lot of really good games here and ive been playing all this new stuff nonstop so hats off to iq132 and bp.

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i just try osman and boogie wings and it's amazing a big big big big thanks far all men who have working on this new version.


is the showcase available ? ca i have a pm for it ?


thanks a lot dream (osman) is reality

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