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  1. If I have time, I can make one quiclky Of course, if I can publish a video of this fantastic emulator Just two conditions I have permission to make and publish it I have time to do it
  2. sorry for my ignorance but what is UG ? thanks
  3. the build is available ? where ? and someone can precise when the full build will be available ? thanks for all
  4. ok thanks for precisions i wait like a nice and patient boy
  5. hello someone can send me link or torrent for the 15gb version ? thanks and good work for the awesome work !!!!
  6. hello all long time i'm not back here and i see work in progress still here, excellent i have not enough time to make update lol can i have the last version please ? thanks in advance
  7. yop ! i have 3 xbox 2 with 250go 1 with 320go i think i will buy cristal with 500go soon lol hopefully, i'm not crazy (i hope )
  8. thanks, i'm noob for pics but strong and confirmed for ux editing lol i have modified also the arcade cab to have the icon pic to the top of the screen now i search good icon pics for emulators a good coinops reignite in png format is also welcome
  9. Little update about your question I have finally find other arcade cab and use it I have found a very good pics of new astro city I just tried to have cab alone I have tried to cut better as possible (I'm better for other thing lol !) The arcade cab is original, I don't tried to touch it to make something better and for the moment, he look's like good say me what you think about this video soon !
  10. this is begin of hollydays in france i think his region begin now simply in supposition he is french lol
  11. hehe thanks Fu I hope what i send you will be appreciate for you
  12. Not yet, I begin to see what i can make a good skin with the pic you have let me I don't have photoshop, I think with GIMP it's possible to make a cab
  13. so sorry for my limited english but include flyers in your skin is possible ?
  14. thanks a lot for link, i hope finish what i want yep, i want to make a unleash x skin with a cabinet pic for my idea i hope you see what i mean
  15. For my part i'm looking for a arcade cabinet pic for my arcade project for my idea, i make an jpeg example the example show you what i need (less what i mean for the idea of course) in same time
  16. excellent ! Good work ! I have a request Where have you found the arcade pic you show ? I search one but i dont have found one like that lol thanks if you can help me PS : just a little idea can you add flyers instead of finalburn legend on the arcade cab skin ?
  17. yes i have it i have also found a gui to make easy conversion and i use it
  18. thanks for precision yeah, if you can send me your tool, i will appreciate i would like it thanks for your proposition .
  19. thanks for answer for my part, i have begin my arcade unleash x video skin with UX ARCHITECT difficult for beginner but fast if you make some test i have make a video short, a little bad quality but i think you can easily show what i prepare http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xc3mau_de...skin_videogames i continue my project if someone can say me where i can find coinops video intro best of neogeo video best of cps1 video best of cps2 video best of cps3 video killer instinct arcade video thanks a lot
  20. hello I search the way to add video preview in my dashboard unleash x here a link found on youtube where you can show what i mean other video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlgffveG1D8 i searched on many many forums but no found if someone can help me it's for my arcade box home thanks
  21. When you don't have all of the .XBE files in the FBL folder, this is what happens. You'll get sent back to the dashboard before the start of any given game. The emulator having separate .XBE files seems to be a way that Nes6502 has chosen to optimize each core. It was a very good idea. In my opinion, doing what fumanchu said in the previous post is the best way to go for you. There is no point in releasing several different FBL's with the way Nes has handled it. He's optimized each core and continues to do so. Have fun OOKAMI. oki, thanks for your answer i will correct that this evening question, a torrent with all preveiw, pics, flyers and cab exist ? it's for complet my full set thanks .
  22. I just tested the NeoGeoCPS2.xbe I thought this file just emulate NEOGEO and CPS2 yes he emule it but when i choose a game, the emulator back to dashboard and when i launch it again, he play the rom i choosen ! strange lol EDIT i have replace NeoGeoCPS2.xbe by default.xbe 11MB but same effect for CPS2 roms i will try for NEOGEO tomorow wow !
  23. hello first of all, i would like to thanks a lot for FBA, it's a big pleasure I have a question i want to know if it's difficult for you to make a FBL for only CPS 1 only CPS 2 only NEOGEO only CAVE only TOAPLAN i have see some xbe in the zip file like CAVE.XBE i will test it to see if it's what i search i want to make a xbox cab with optimised FBL for each system thanks for your answer and thanks again for your effort about XBOX arcade emulation
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