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This looks exciting ;) can't wait to try these fabled games. I've never had the pleasure so you will be bringing me a new retro gaming experience - priceless ! ! !


Thanks so much guys with these various improvements and driver updates coinops just gets better and better


"I'd buy that for a dollar" **** yeah!


When showcase is out would love a pm please .... gettin pretty excited ;)

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Well I just wiped the dust of my old rom collection and discovered the discs have given up the ghost. Lessons learned - 1. Cheap media isn't a great choice. 2. Always backup your backups!


Anyway, if some kind person would like to pm me a link to the showcase release it'd be much appreciated. If not, I'll be playing 1942, Bomb Jack and Sunset Riders for a while as those are the only roms I've recovered so far! ;)

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guys i dont have any links for showcase maybe someone else has.

like i said its possible someone else has links but at present i dont,i just have links to the standalone and the new/fixed games that i uploaded seperately.


also for anyone who needs it heres the screenshot pack that was uploaded a while back for those of you who arent going to be using the showcase package.


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