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  1. here are the listings: 1.4ghz, 128mb ram 320gb HDD: Uploaded with ImageShack.us http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/170795484730 1ghz, 128mb ram 320gb HDD: Uploaded with ImageShack.us http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/170795485883
  2. Its a sad truth, but since my daughter was born I have no spare time for video games, much less xbox emulation . On Saturday I will be listing all my xbox stuff and a lot more on ebay (including a 1.4ghz 128mb box and also a 1ghz 128mb box). These are set up for extended use (great cooling systems and big harddrives) I will also be selling loads of accessories, and other gaming stuff. Its a shame that I have no time now that a developer is finally getting a trusty box, but hopefully someone else will have a lot of fun with these! Will be nice to put some more money in the house fund Will post the links here if that's ok
  3. Very important part of FreakDave's statement for those who insist on criticizing anything other than their own product. So like the CPS3 just consider it a fun little sidetrip. However we want to hear from you trusty box owners... would be interesting to see how it runs on a trusty. In other news the sdlx was converted to directX for the misinformed.. I will be very excited to try it out, judging from the previous videos released, if they were on the stock xbox, guardian heroes at least should play very well! heres hoping
  4. would it be possible to include the WIP CPS3 code in the next edition of fbl? even if it could never be fullspeed on a stock xbox, it would be a nice feature for users of upgraded ones (cpx3 has a bit of a lackluster GUI) obviously if more work can be done on it, thats even better
  5. martial masters runs sweet in 720p with HQ2X filter on trusty xbox looks like a brand new HD fighter! thanks for all the hard work
  6. to get rayman to work, some1 with a real copy will need to rip it to img/sub/ccd format with cloneCD http://speedofmac.com/blog/pcsx-reloaded-latest-57851/
  7. try ripping an actual disc of rayman with cloneCD into the img/sub/ccd format... i will test this myself when i get some free time ( i only have a PAL copy tho)
  8. IQ IS A GOD! i cant wait to play martial masters on my xbox!!
  9. I personaly love the fact that you share everything new straight away, keep things as they are
  10. not so well maybe a600 will have a go?
  11. hmm i may have a go at porting this myself, as it seems that mednafen can use SDL for the gfx, sound and input. this is still a total stab in the dark as i have no previous experience im sure someone who knew what theyre doing could knock this out in a day tho... *hints*
  12. PLEASE! iv just tried the newest mednafen, and its playing every virtualboy game with full sound, music and 3d + 0 frameskip on my shitty NETBOOK!! (& i havent even touched the settings yet!). surely someone would be interested in porting this over to xbox? the current vb emu we have can't play anything properly, and im willing bet that this could run everything brilliantly if it was ported... there are a bunch of cool games for this thing! http://forum.fobby.net/index.php?t=thread&frm_id=4& Also i bet these new mednafen sources could make for a much better wonderswan emulator for the xbox aswell..
  13. is asura buster added to the final burn core? and im sure asura blade would run better for most ppl on that core too (sorry if this has been done, I am a couple of revisions behind atm)
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