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  1. If I have time, I can make one quiclky Of course, if I can publish a video of this fantastic emulator Just two conditions I have permission to make and publish it I have time to do it
  2. sorry for my ignorance but what is UG ? thanks
  3. the build is available ? where ? and someone can precise when the full build will be available ? thanks for all
  4. ok thanks for precisions i wait like a nice and patient boy
  5. hello someone can send me link or torrent for the 15gb version ? thanks and good work for the awesome work !!!!
  6. hello all long time i'm not back here and i see work in progress still here, excellent i have not enough time to make update lol can i have the last version please ? thanks in advance
  7. yop ! i have 3 xbox 2 with 250go 1 with 320go i think i will buy cristal with 500go soon lol hopefully, i'm not crazy (i hope )
  8. thanks, i'm noob for pics but strong and confirmed for ux editing lol i have modified also the arcade cab to have the icon pic to the top of the screen now i search good icon pics for emulators a good coinops reignite in png format is also welcome
  9. Little update about your question I have finally find other arcade cab and use it I have found a very good pics of new astro city I just tried to have cab alone I have tried to cut better as possible (I'm better for other thing lol !) The arcade cab is original, I don't tried to touch it to make something better and for the moment, he look's like good say me what you think about this video soon !
  10. this is begin of hollydays in france i think his region begin now simply in supposition he is french lol
  11. hehe thanks Fu I hope what i send you will be appreciate for you
  12. Not yet, I begin to see what i can make a good skin with the pic you have let me I don't have photoshop, I think with GIMP it's possible to make a cab
  13. so sorry for my limited english but include flyers in your skin is possible ?
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