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***CoinOPS reignite OFFICAL FORUM ***


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Locked Now..... (I cant stand critisism of stuff that isnt researched or repeated time and time again im a tired old man)



"CoinOPS reignite R3" is the last version of CoinOPS there are plenty of experts ( that at least think they know what they are doing ) around here.


Good luck everyone


I would recommend CoinOPS reignite SHOWCASE for most people it will be what they want....I recommend trying it and not listening to so called experts. There will be a SHOWCASE 2 coming with many changes but no info will be given at present...no release date or anything other than that build is out of date with my Build.




for a video of SHOWCASE in SD in motion

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great news to hear on air attack and task force harrier those were the 2 shooters i wanted to try.also great work on osman being playable that is awsome news thanks again to iq 132 and bp,finally i can get to try osman when this released.osman is meant to be as good as if not better than strider.

and what with mushimelisima futari 1.5 being announced this week as being region free for the 360,its defintly been a good week gaming news wise.

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