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  1. hello guy's i trying to resetting xbcm and emus still don't work ! another idea ? thanks
  2. thanks ! my dash is unleashx. i have launch xbcm to boot emus and.... xbcm reboot to unleashx. all the games work perfect and amiga emulator. in fact all the system emulated by coinop (arcade, snes, genesis...) don't work !!! i try to resetting xbcm and xbox... thanks again for helping me
  3. i have reinstalled coinop2 and always the same problem ! rhaaaaa... maybe there' some save files to erase ?
  4. hello ! all my emu won't load and reboot to dashboard !!! my problem begin after i have ftp to my xbox coinop2 ! after launching co2 my box reboot to dashboard and all my emu won't work ! i have erasing all the save... and i'm lost and depressed... i hope somone can help me ! i ps : french people are welcome because my english is crap
  5. hello i have a problem with coipo2 ! every time i try to launch coinop2 i have a black et after the xbox will return to dashboard ! is someone can help me ? thanks
  6. great job !!!! can i have a link please ?
  7. great job !!! thnaks for all your work !!! can i have a link please ?
  8. great great great work !!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm amazed !! can i have a link please ?
  9. great work !!!!!!!!! can i have a link plese ? thxxxxx
  10. great job !!!! can i have a pm ? thanks !!
  11. great works !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pm please !!!
  12. can i have a pm for the full build ? thnaks
  13. Could I have a link for R3 please ? thanks a lot for your incredible work !!!
  14. can i have a link for teje latest build i want to play night slasher !!!! thank you !!! you are the best !!!!
  15. i just try osman and boogie wings and it's amazing a big big big big thanks far all men who have working on this new version. is the showcase available ? ca i have a pm for it ? thanks a lot dream (osman) is reality
  16. when this new amazing realease will be avalaible ?
  17. can i have a mp for CoinOPS reignite R2 ?
  18. Could i have a link for latest standalone? cheer kazmir
  19. is it possible to have a link for the last coinop ? thanks a lot
  20. hello !! is it possible to have a link for r5 ? it's look impressive thanks
  21. Amiga rules on xbox !!! i have trouble with alien breed tower assault cd32 the video have "micro cut" other people experience the same problem ? is a way for perfect emulation ? thanks
  22. new version at the end of this month !!!!! my god i can't wait
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