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What Movie Did you Just Watch?


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Do The Right Thing


Reminds me of Friday.



They killed radio Raheem!!!!

I want those LOVE HATE braces things so I can punch people with.


I just watched American Psycho.

You have to recite his monologue every time you beat someone.


I watched Style Wars a moment ago, it's a classic.

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Great Acting

Great Camerawork

Great Editing

Piss Poor Story/writing - The dialog wasn't bad though


I can see how its topping charts though, they made a lot of references to things that the people inside that very small demographic effecting those charts would enjoy and/or regard as high taste. (The only one they forgot was the Beatles which would have gotten them that extra few points in Rolling Stone)

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I just watched The Protector. At first I thought it was crap, then the elephant was charging through town, and that was pretty cool, but I wasn't impressed yet, then there was that weird wedding party scene or whatever, and I was completely confused about the plot and bored. I almost turned it off, then this dude came flying like ten meters out of flocking nowhere, and the main character jumps in and kicks the entire crappy band over in one shot. Then he goes around kicking people's asses only stopping to ask where his elephants are. It was flocking bad ass.

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