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  1. I haven't gone clubbing in over a year! Ryan and I used to frequent before his move to China. anyways, personally, I feel that your motive for going out can make or break your night (re clubs). another thing is that clubs don't allow very personal connections (which wouldn't matter if your objective was to have fun with friends). as I've grown older I've come to appreciate the bar scene in regards to a night out. a nice dive with good friends typically proves to be more relaxing. it also tends to drop the pressure of picking someone up as the atmosphere is generally geared towards socializing.
  2. They kept everyone of his followers updated. Okay, his site has 1200 mirrors atm... and the password has the same power behind it even after download. Figure this: I would unlock and change info, yes? Extra insurance. Bonus round: government agents are scouring 4chan. Approximate three are lurking this thread. Shit storm is serious for us in America, and they are attempting to claim heirgharchy in /b/ atm. This wiki thing is deep, and they are grasping everywhere for info. Z and his shenanigans.
  3. /artists I don't care about Oh ok, that's understandable. PS, Aesop Rock is the only worth mention and he has zero passion. Do not say otherwise to me, I have listened to him and have even written an essay on a song of his. I can listen to early Ice Cube and feel more entertained and politically knowledgable without AR in the picture. Hip hop just is shitty to me these days. Nothing is relevant and classic and angry and punk and charged and scary and criticized these days with serious force behind it.
  4. He originally denied bail. Are you aware of the insurance files? Apparently a lot of people downloaded it a while ago, a locked folder... and the password will be given if something happens to him. Rumor has itthat it's liable to cause a $hit$torm. And I feel one in my bones abrewin'
  5. No cold turkey, do it slow... very slowly. Now turn, cheri, in the moonlight. Let your body flow like water.
  6. Han Solo is the guy from Star Ship Troopers, no?
  7. I've heard far more people outraged and say the charges seem trumped. And to me, it seems the US is attempting to dismantle freedom of speech and media with this whole "espionage" bit. The US' knee-jerk is doing far more harm than is realized.
  8. Paypal and Amazon locked up all funding to wikileaks they had allowed on their sites, and Visa had locked his account. These sites were attacked accordingly, and I believe even went down for a bit (also rumors that some account information, including numbers, were leaked). Charges are obviously bs. US has interests in extraditing, even inventing new laws; but reps realize the downside is his supporters will grow in numbers and possibly more damage will occur. Muy interesante.
  9. This is pretty hilarious. Anyways, it's currently out of my system. You gotta figure, this is almost six years of information and dox thrown my way and then searched through various sites that she had spoken about. Had she not used real names, would have been different. I'm currently figuring out what drove her to such deceit in the first place, but I already know why she had involved so many fake profiles... Oh, and I did locate the remaining important characters via facebook while logged on to her account. They weren't her actual friends, but mutual with others. This does include the Ricky character. I'm trying to sort out all of the madness on her blogs, which are an incredibly depressing read... but it's a hard tell wtf actually went on. It appears that she really is in therapy, and is prone to binge drinking and pill popping (xanax and all) I was mentioned in a handful of her blog posts, and also "interacted" with her. Her fantasy world bled a bit into her real world.
  10. Nah on cyberpolice, lawl. It'd be tough explaining how I gathered all of the information
  11. Hahaha I'm talking to her on twitter and looking through her blogs (without her knowledge). I'm mentioned in quite a few of them. And apparently I'm homosex. I guess that makes sense since OP is always a fag
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