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The Big ass Street Fighter IV thread


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I like A3, its fun. but for a serious game I go with A2.

as for the characters being done. well I guess they wrote themselves into a corner. According to the article in EGM Ono said Capcom was really done with SF after 3rd strike. And had ZERO plans for IV ever. so I guess the loose ends were tied up as far as they were concerned. Ono and others had to really push it. along with the success of SFII on XBLA. prolly explains why IV takes place between II and III.

Also, some of 3s's storylines aren't finished up either. Considering SF3 was a failure to them finacially and all. IF SF3 was a big hit back in 97/98/99, we would of definately seen SF4 together with CvS2 and Marvel in 2000-2001. It did leave a legacy though. No company to this day has tried to match SF3 in graphical quality because it costs so damn much. Considering it took 2 years for them to make SF3 (according to TAS it started in late 95) and Alpha was only made to hold out until New Gen came out.


Also apparently, Ono had been bugging Ifanue (sp is wrong) since 05 about SF4, considering CFJ was set to be a failed game from the start since it's original producer left Cap midway during development.


I may be used to retardedly huge rosters but that doesn't change the fact that SF3 chars are boriiing as fukc. It's all the same crap. poke poke poke, super move. And while you guys try to praise the SA1/2/3 choice bullcrap, it's just a way to increase replayability because they couldn't think of any other way.


Parrying didn't ruin crap, it's fun and can turn the tables around, and it should be like that in a fighting game.


SA choosing is better IMO then Tier-Supers. Making it similar to SF2 with 1 Super, of course after 10 years we've pretty much considered which ones are the best supers to use, similar to how when people play CvS2, they only use one super becuase the rest suck as far as their concerned. But so far, they haven't decied if they should have 3 Tier-Supers, 1 Super (and only 1 super) or 3 choice super.

They can bring back a character any time they want. I really hope Guy and Vega is in this.
Yeah yeah, it seems that's what their doing. For all intented purposes, this is SFII's epilogue. Claw would be interesting, Guy would be too, unless Streetwise is canon, that would mean he would be running his gang now. BUT! Capcom said each game takes place in it's own little universe now! They threw their canon book at the out the window.


They should add characters from Saturday night Slam masters. Seriously.
The guy from Fist of the North Star owns the rights to everyone but Haggar apparently (according to a few sources, including former 1emuer Shin Nihon).
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They can bring back a character any time they want. I really hope Guy and Vega is in this.



That would be great.. at least for Guy! ---- In sF3 I liked a bit Makoto and Ibuki,,, but they lacked of good kicks like guy... well... the sf3 system is not good after all... like they did extremely smoooooth the movements and it made this game strange to play. :(




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I'd love Ibuki and Makoto back, they'd be between the ages of 15 and 17 though. High school ninja girl Ibuki :( and Karate Girl Makoto would make me happy.


Then again, Ingrid too.

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Now let's talk rosters.

For a truly enjoyable SF4 I'd like to see

Staples: Ryu, Ken, Gouki/Akuma, Shen Long (I like that rumor xD)

SF1: Eagle, Sagat

SF2: Chun Li, Guile, Fei Long, Vega(the pretty ninja), Zangief, Cammy, Dee Jay

SFA: Dan, Guy, Rose, Cody (COMPLETELY REDESIGNED PLIX), Charlie, Adon, Gen(if he's not dead yet), Sakura

SF3: Makoto, Ibuki, Dudley, Yang, Yun.


PS. And flocking give Guile some new moves OK?! Oh and remove each and every charge-motion type of character and give them QFCs and HFCs. I hate charge-types...

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Here translation in French of the texts drawn from framed article of EGM on Street Fighter IV, and describing the innovations of the system of play:


Hardcore SF4 101: Saving is sweet Revenge (rotted pun which I will not take time to translate)


The system of Street Fighter IV, awkwardly named "Saving", has nothing to do with the safeguard of your progression (moreover, Capcom hopes well to find a better name to indicate it in America). Actually, it proposes a very new approach of the traditional gameplay of the SF. The system main part of play rests on the new gauge "Revenge" made up of 4 segments filling as one inflicts damage to you. At any time during the combat, you can use one of these four segments while pressing simultaneously on the buttons of foot and strong fist. That causes to launch a special attack making of the decent damage while making your character temporarily invincible.

If you maintain the buttons supported, you can charge the blow for an attack devastator, which also proves imparable (this movement consumes the three quarters of the gauge "Revenge"). "That allows somebody being made massacre to return in the match", explains us Ono. "That represents the being irritated character because it is losing, and which channels its rage in an extraordinary effort... We want that the combat remain tended until the last moments of the confrontation ".


One can also use fragments of the gauge "Revenge" to carry out powerful special blows Ex (they are special blows improved by supporting hard two buttons of fists or foot at the same time instead of only one), among which one finds larger balls of fire (Hadoken) and "Dragon Punches" (Sho Ryu Ken) with a longer range and inflicting more damage. If you want to really look further into the play, you will be able to explore the world of the "chancels" (interruption) and of the pretences. When you carry out a movement "saving" or a special blow Ex, you can stop the blow by making a dash before or back in full medium of the animation of the blow. The attack will touch your adversary nevertheless, thus enabling you to stop your chancel by carrying out another movement calling upon the gauge "Revenge". Thus you will be able to juggle with your enemy and to prolong your combo.

Like Ono says it, "If you control the" chancels well "and are a finished dumb, you can wedge your adversary against a wall and trap it in the medium of your balls of fire and your Dragon Punches".


Although that can seem simple on paper, the timing is enough precise to carry out these movements and it will be difficult to control for the majority of the players. Ono adds: "We do not want to frighten anybody with all these pointed stories of Chancel. You do not need to be able to carry them out to play the play. It is a degree of depth in more for the players controlling it." After having seen the phenomenal capacities of the players using the "parry precise system" of Street fighter III at the time of the tournaments, one is in a hurry to see the dynamics of gameplay that the "Saving" will propose. "This system is a vital share of SF4 and I am sure that it still will evolve/move progressively with the development of the play".

Hardcore SF4 102: Extremists


Since Super Street Fighter II Turbo introduced the concept of super the special blows, the world of the plays of combat was the same one never again. These powerful attacks created a brilliance exchanges between risk and reward which made it possible to the players to patiently fill their gauge with Super (by carrying out special blows) and to wait then just the good moment to carry out complex handling making it possible to strike the adversary with an attack devastator. For SF4, Capcom did not decide yet precisely in the way in which the Super one will be managed. Ono reveals us that it thinks of three possible ways.


Could be like:

- Super Turbo SF2: each character has one "Super" (the current version of SF4 uses this system).

- Street Fighter Alpha: each character has several Super permanently at his disposal.

- Last choice, SF3, in which the player is obliged to choose Super before beginning the match.


The Super one that we saw during the demonstration are immediately recognizable: Shinkuu Hadoken de Ryu, Shoryu-Reppa Dragon Punch of Ken, Chun-Li Kikousho or Yoga Inferno de Dhalsim. SF4 will propose also one surpuissant Super called Ultra.




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