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The Big ass Street Fighter IV thread


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Several stuff was already said and what we know. Removal of parries is official (saw the scans myself last week) and does take place after 2 (Revival being the latest revision).


The screenshots were on a previous page, perhaps if inky or a mod just edited the first post with everything would be nice.



Edit: screenshots were originally put up on http://capcom-town.es/ we should have a rule to not put up scans from an american mag. It's just me, but that's infriging-like right there.

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site must be getting hammered . the streaming is unwatchable at this point for me. I'ma try downloading it....


edit in: DL never loads..... Street fighter broke teh intarnets.

flock it I'll grab it tonight at work.

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Here are some direct links for you less fortunate. The video didn't load for me, either. ;[




One thing I learned from this video: Ono must've sucked at 3rd Strike and consequently not have been a fan.

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thx for the download links guys, i couldn't get the stream version working either. i can't wait till this finish downloading. how long is it btw?

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