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PointyRemote release 0.000015a (07-02-06)


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Call me a noob, but can someone post a guide on how to configure this ? I can run WinDS easily enough, but i don't know where to fill in what data with pointyremote.


Where do i fill in the ip of the DS itself ? And where of the server ?. I've tried a couple of combinations, with changing the Ip's at the connect to AP and at the UDP test screen but i get nothing but black screens.

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nvm i finnaly got it to work. I'll make a short guide:


On the "connect to AP" screen:

IP = DS IP, do it in the same range as your server, so if server is, make the DS IP something like

Gateway = Server IP

DNS = Server IP


Then connect, should be successful, and you'll get the UDPtest(pointyremote) button. The DS IP will be automaticly entered here, but you want to change this to the Server IP.


Then connect, and you get 2 black screeens, but that's normal, press A & B to update the screens and it should work. You'll need to keep pressing A & B since it doesn't auto update the screens.


Other buttons:


A= update zoomed view

B= update complete (gral) view

R= Switch screens (for interaction, click on the complete view to move the location of the zoomed view, click on the zoomed view to control it as a mouse)

Select = Bring up keyboard (use "\" as enter\return)


Anyway program works good enough, allthough it is a bit unstable. It seems to crash after 5~10 minutes of use on my M3 SD, but for the rest, keep up the good work :blink:

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